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By Wooster
I wonder what the 'project' in Algeria is.
It reminds me of the Shieldhall Strategic Tunnel.
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By Wooster
Bart Simpson and Millhouse van Houten did far more damage on a similar spree at the Springfield Mall. :)
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By richietog
But they are fictional cartoon characters
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By Wooster
I see Norway managed to make £30 Billion from North Sea oil revenue, despite the downturn in oil prices.
In the same period, the UK (with an equivalent oil industry) made a loss of £23 Million and even handed out rebates to Shell and BP.
Source: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/1548 ... l/?ref=rss

This isn't a 'nationalist' scandal (it's not even news), it's institutional mismanagement that's been going on for decades.
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By Glamdring
I came across a Fox News live TV news report. They discussed the attacks in Spain and moved onto the renewed coal production in the US now that Trump has deregulated it again. One of the - not sure if he was an elderly news anchor or a government spokesman said the US had increased coal exports to Germany by 58%. Google exclusively shows a decrease of several %. They crowed a bit over how wrong the EU was with the renewables policies.

And 50% of the report was adverts. Literally. A few minutes of news and a few minutes of ads. It's so worth the TV licence not to get that.
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By Wooster
I watched a US Senator railing against the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) last month, just before the repeal was kicked out.

He forgot some sort of ID and decided to pay cash for something innocuous that turned out to be a fortune (like $15 for 10 aspirin, or something)
He blamed it on the ACA, not the inflated prices induced by the insurance companies (which the ACA is intended to control)
... fuckin moron


Before we all bought insurance for pets, the bills were relatively low.
Once insurance for pets became popular, the prices for treatment went through the roof (unless you have insurance), so it's in the insurance companies interest to inflate costs because a 20% margin on £1000 is far better than a 20% margin on £100.

Upshot: A cat with a bad leg could cost £1500 to get fixed, and some total cuntoids will pay factors of 10 more.
..in my book, the cat either copes with the bad leg, or the cat is getting a wee jag and the other £1450 will go to a charity for kids.
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By Wooster
..I wouldn't be surprised to read that insurance companies are surreptitiously promoting weak breeds either.

That Scottish Fold Cat is an abomination in point, it's fucked from the get go.
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By Wooster
I read in New Scientist recently that the first cases of GPS spoofing have been seen, with some ships finding they were about 30 miles off course.
I wonder if these incidents are related. :-/
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By richietog
Probably has. It's a bit worrying though that people are too heavily reliant on technology though
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