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By Wooster
Maybe Argentina will hold off the war for a few years until we have some planes to put on the new carriers.
We could probably pencil in 2027. :)
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By loughor
Personally, I feel Blair should stfu with his comments that Labour should oppose it as policy. Their MPs are there to represent their constituents and not the party, Corbyn or Blair. If the vote was 'out' in their patch then that is the line the MP should take. I'd expect the same from any party MP - represent your voters, in or out, not yourself.
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By Wooster
Andrew Neil on Daily Politics was good this morning.
Both the Tory and Labour brexit representatives were fucking hopeless and he as good as called the Tory minister incompetent (he wasn't a happy bunny).

Thing is, most of them are hopeless.
Contradictory, indecisive, bumbling fools who never answer simple questions and seem to be stuck in and endless cycle of making stuff up as they go along.

It's increasingly looking like we've jumped out of an aeroplane carrying nothing but a few yards of silk and a hand cranked sewing machine.
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By Wooster
Jacob Rees Mogg might be in bother.
He just told SKY News live that Peugeot cars don't work, so I'd assume they'll be on the phone. :D

I kind of like him.
I can't stand his politics or personal beliefs, but he sticks by them and is one of the few politicians who has an ability to answer questions.
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By loughor
Peugeot cars were historically shite but the big ones now get good scored in car mags. I'd not touch one myself but I have wandered into a showroom every six years or so. I admit to having a Renault 5TS back in '79 (V-reg). Thin bodywork. I hate all things Citroen for no real reason. It is probably as well that PSG bought Vauxhall as they are really appalling. I had them as hire cars for work. Absolute tat. All that French car hatred is off topic.
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By Wooster
I did a job for a big car dealership and the regional IT engineer said that his old Citroen C5 company car had given him far less trouble than his current Audi A4.
Not long ago, Peugeot HDi diesel engines were by far the most reliable on the market, which is why so many of their cars were used in the Private Hire business.
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By Wooster
If our Border Force and Police budgets and staffing levels have been cut to the extent that they can barely control illegal immigration, or keep track of potentially radicalised UK nationals returning from places like Syria at the moment, then how are they going to be able to cope with the massive increase in checks required as a result of hard border controls from Europe?

It'd be ironic if the levels of illegal immigration and risk of terrorism actually increase as a result of the decision to leave Europe. :|

-edit- I did a job at an airport a couple of weeks ago and had to go through security, with a bag full of tools, which took ages. (If I'd known the job was airside I'd have only taken the essentials) :D
Anyhoo, at the moment everybody has to be checked on the way out, that won't change, but we only need to check international travellers from outside the EU on the way back.
On the way back out from the job I ended up in a queue that I hadn't been in for years, it was the immigration control queue for international visitors, and that took a while to get through as well.

So it could take as long to get back off a plane as it currently takes to get on a plane at our airports, even if they can pay for enough staff to conduct the checks...and that's only airports.
Fuck knows how long it'll take to check a ferry load of passengers, cars and lorries on the way back in, when we already have queues up to 30 miles long on the way out. :shock:
There probably isn't even enough space inside the terminals to hold that amount of traffic, so they'll either have to just waive them through (unchecked), or keep the ferries circling at sea until they have the space to offload them.


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