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By loughor
What twat came up with thw idea of giving 25-year olds £10k towards a house? What about those who are 27 or 35? They would like a house as well. My daughter, for example. She could easily afford a mortgage in London as she pays more rent than the repayments but because of that, she can't save the deposit.

This is sheer lunacy of the type Corbyn's shit-heads would dream up.

Many kids and youffs these days expect everything to be handed to them.
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By loughor
Ah well they can't think much with heads full of poo, whatever party or political persuasion they are.

I should be UK dictator. Mega-Stalin, me.
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By richietog
Ah well, the POTUS didn't listen to anyone's advice as per usual. At least come up with a better alternative before withdrawing Orange Idiot in the WH
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By Wooster
loughor wrote:
Tue May 08, 2018 2:30 pm
What twat came up with thw idea of giving 25-year olds £10k towards a house?

Many kids and youffs these days expect everything to be handed to them.
This is a combination of bleating millennials and the middle class obsession with owning houses I reckon.

Simpler solution would be to build more council houses that go back into the affordable rent housing pool when the tenants die or downsize, but the mortgage and insurance companies won't make fat profits on borrowed money with that idea, so we keep making a rod for our own backs.

That's the crux of it though, isn't it?
The government drive to get as many people into as much debt as they possibly can.
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By Wooster

In a nutshell:
Dating from 2013, the EU awarded the UK a subsidy to raise the income of Scottish hill farmers up to the average rate of income seen across the EU, but Westminster kept it and used it to subsidise farms across the UK.
They admitted that they couldn't justify this and that it would be addressed, but now they've decided they haven't made up their minds again. (not hard to guess why)

I've seen some of these crofters on my travels and it's quite a bleak existence for not much return.

So it appears that the Tories love EU subsidies when it suits them.

p.s. These subsidies are only a tiny part of a much larger £3 billion farming subsidy the UK was granted as a whole from 2014-2020, but enough to make a difference.
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By richietog
The Americans are again re-writing history
First claiming that the Yorkshire pudding is a dessert, and that it was invented by the Dutch
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By Wooster
And haggis was invented in Greece...Bagpipes are from Turkey. (I have no idea, just guessing)

We all got ideas from somewhere mate.
Swedish meatballs ...that was in the news as well (from Turkey)...it's just a distraction...ignore it and crack on.
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By Wooster
Two thirds of the UK aren't interested in the wedding, so why is all over TV?
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By loughor
To piss me and the rest of us off. It only needs one channel to ruin itself. Make it a Freeview one. One I never ever use that has shite on already. I have had to avoid the news to avoid shouting at the telly. It's gunna be shite for a few days unless there is a terrible tragic event - I'm not wishing for one though.
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By richietog
It's even on YouTube, unbelievable
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