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By Glamdring
Watched a little of Angela Raynor's interview with Andrew Marr. I couldn't vote for anyone who doesn't know there's a letter 'T' in the alphabet. The glottal stop doesn't count. Zero qualifications. None. She was evasive and lied through her teeth with one question.
Got into power with her union connection. Hateful.
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By richietog
Woman dies after being too near a jet airplane landing

Wouldn't it have been commonsense to have cordon off the area, knowing how stupid people can be?

I have seen photos of aircraft landing, thinking it was photoshopped because it was too near the beach and the height was unfathomably low to be near one without risking serious injury, only for me to google it, and found it to be true. Truly amazing how the authorities never thought that people could die as a result of a jet blast
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By richietog
Signs only, but that's not going to stop anyone
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By Wooster
Why is Trump saluting troops in France?
He's a civilian.

That's why they're not saluting back... (the dick. :roll: )
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By loughor
He probably bought his way out of doing service. And his brats as well.

If I'm wrong I will withdraw the suggestion but I cba to research it.
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By Wooster
I've not paid my TV license fee for about 6 years now.. (I can afford it, I just don't like being fed the same shit)

..if you have a problem with it, then let me know via a national independent news service on FM radio.
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By richietog
Looks like they are going to ban new leaseholds
Personally don't like these leaseholds, they have to pay ground rent per year in excess of £10K per year, ridiculous considering that some people are on already hefty mortgages. I only envisage that the prices will rocket which will have its own problems. I think they should limit the amount of lease they have to pay per year and make it illegal to double it per so many years
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By Wooster
What is it with Americans and baldness?
There was some old bloke (looked 100) on Newsnight tonight talking about Trump.
He was as sharp as a tack, but I can't recall what he said (or even his name) because he was wearing a wig as thick as a Guards Bearskin I couldn't take my eyes off the fucking thing.
He'd a better head of hair than my 12 year old nephew, who's part Maltese.

I suppose it's money...they have so much they feel obligated to spend it on something, like Hollywood fishwives wit their mad lips and fake tits with nipples that look like cookie monsters eyes.
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By loughor
The Today Programme - they have the presenter on who I detest. I think it is Sarah Montague. She asks a question of someone and just as they start answering she butts in trying to put works in their mouth or say what she wants. It isn't an interview, it is painful listening. I hope she is paid poorly just for being a lousy host. I don't mind interruptions if they are trying to make a political point rather than answer what was asked, but if they are responding then give them a little clear time. I want to hear.
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By richietog
Seems like that Trump is hiring and then firing people
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40782299, maybe he should resign himself as he can't do the job of finding the proper person for the jobs he wants. John Sessions is rumoured to go next
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By richietog
Can someone please tell Kim Jong-un and Trump to stop scaremongering. Both behaving like schoolkids in the schoolyard throwing threats at each other
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