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By richietog
A 95 year old man is to retire from public work. As usual the BBC are making a big deal as if he had died. Nice to see anti monarchist Corbyn giving him praise
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By Wooster
The Sun took a gamble based on a hint and said that he had died.

..desperate much?
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By richietog
They are well known, especially in Liverpool for their fake news
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By loughor
Phil the Greek is the best royal. Good value for legitimate royal stuff and comedy value.
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By richietog
A person who has married his old school teacher, yikes, she must of had something for schoolboys....has won the French election to become President

Just as thought that Brexit and Trump's victory were just an one off in the so called "populism" vote. The reason why I said "populism" is because they all turn out to be the same crap as the so called elite
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By richietog
I know, he owns billions and lots of property, hardly not elite
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By Wooster
I sometimes wonder if invading Africa and imposing a rule of law and stable government in some nations could be seen as a legitimate or desirable means of halting the necessity of people needing to flee.....but then I recall that it's probably unregulated capitalism that's causing it in the first place, so Big Industry would never allow it to happen.
(It would eat into their profits more than the backhanders and bribes they currently employ.)
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By Wooster
There's a lot of ongoing discussion about the likes of Facebook and Twitter being employed to politically target/influence individual users on a large scale, by those rich enough to afford it.

The University of Cambridge has a tool available that will allow you to see what agencies can infer about you by your Facebook/Twitter profile.

(The level and scale of this kind of targeted campaigning is scary shit and there are thousands of custom Twitter Bots knocking around, configured to retweet any old shit you care to pay (handsomely) for, to further your 'cause'.)
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By Wooster
Not that anyone will read this.

Humans For Sale (reportage from BBC Scotland), is sobering.
Slovakian/Roma human trafficking is rife...but you see the conditions they live in and it's not surprising. (human trafficking has gotten so bad in some countries that they're robbing them of their organs to sell on the open market)

Anyhoo...many places look like here in the 70's..and that's the point of the EU:
To bring countries up to a standard where the people who live there, prefer to stay there.

Can you imagine a situation where you'd be so desperate that you'd sell a kidney in order to get you through another few months?

|That's poverty.
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By richietog
It's rife in South East Asia like the Philippines, nothing new
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By richietog
Seriously who believes that the NHS was cyber attacked? Some numpty must of either clicked a link in their email or used an unauthorised device on the work computer
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By Glamdring
Had to be more than that surely to affect disparate hospital areas and GPs' surgeries.
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