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By richietog
Wooster wrote:
Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:20 pm
He was a bit fucked.
Not the worst life lived though. :)
His bruv died the day before, unbelievable, such a tragic for Angus
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By Wooster
Probably doesn't want the Catholics to be next.

Where's Comrade Farage hiding?
He seems to have fucked off completely.
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By Glamdring
I see May is getting Trump what she thinks of him. Brave. He'll retweet her into submission.
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By Wooster
Brave? Saying he's 'wrong' to retweet that shit?

Brave would have been calling him a demented moron.
-edit- Not very diplomatic though.. :)

p.s. I binned Twitter years ago after a brief foray left me wondering about its validity and I'm still wondering if it's just an online pyramid scheme.
If you started up a similar 'service', how many fake accounts would you need to to set up to get the ball rolling, gain acceptance that it was a legitimate 'thing' and get some advertising revenue rolling in?
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By Wooster
Maybe Trump actually relies on Twitter for most of his information, since no-one actually trusts him with legitimate intelligence.

I suppose that would make him an ideal candidate to be influenced by not entirely legitimate accounts and crackpots.
(His recent best buddy, Michael Flynn, has just plead guilty to lying to the FBI.)
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By Wooster
I don't think it's a big deal if Damien Green was watching porn at his desk, but it could be a big deal if they didn't have proper protection in place i.e. XSS protection.
But that's a matter of security policies, not personal foibles.
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By Wooster
Glamdring wrote:
Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:24 pm
Slurping the gravy in Brussels while he still can.
He made an appearance yesterday to complain about the bill.

I don't know what the fuck he's complaining about though. Part of it will cover his £70,000 a year EU parliament pension.
(The greedy self serving prick)

What's 50 billion minus his pension fund?
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By Wooster
The DUP are right on board, eh?
Unionism is an article of faith for them, quite literally...it's even in the name.

NI voted to remain as a whole, but more DUP supporters voted to leave than remain, so getting both sides to agree on a compromise could take about as long as it did for them to agree to the Good Friday Agreement (25 years?)...and she's already tried bribery (for one side...wherein lies the problem).
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By Wooster
Someone on the radio this morning made a point that some of the options that Theresa May ruled out, in regards to Brexit, and then asked for a mandate on, which she didn't get, are in direct conflict with the Good Friday Agreement.
That's a startling lack of foresight and management if correct.
Not just for the current government, but for the whole campaign that led us here.
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By Wooster
I wonder if Trump has just poured more petrol on the Middle East.
Declaring that the USA recognises Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is either bold or reckless, and I'm not sure he knows the difference. (Maybe he just wants to be seen to be doing something.)
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By AlexC
Trump is quite possibly the greatest leader of any country in history and I for one will not have him slandered or misjudged in any way!

And fake news is only fake if it isn't true - unless the Donald states otherwise.

Please continue. :twisted: :mrgreen:
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By Wooster
It's always in the back of my mind that we've tried careful diplomacy on many problems for decades, with no real solutions, so reckless idiocy might actually work (or do no more harm).
The natural pessimist in me is conflicted. :)
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