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By Wooster
When Trump announced that the USA recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, did anyone notice that he looks left to camera?
..a non existent camera. (it's just for effect!) :D

The man is a pro!
A fucking moron, but a professional moron.

Boris is a mere amateur by comparison. ;)
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By Wooster
For the record, I don't mind paying extra tax to maintain services.
Too many people expect something for nothing and the world doesn't work that way yet.
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By richietog
Wonder what Ms Nikki Haley is going to do with that list of hers if she keeps up her end of the threat
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By Wooster
It means that 128 countries won't be getting any presents from Santa Claus. :)
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By richietog
As if they believe in that shite :D
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By Wooster
Lots of tiny hard-ons about blue passports this morning, must be a slow news day.
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By loughor
I'm surprised that nobody has shot Trump yet.

For myself, I wish him no particular harm but there must be indigenous gun nuts and foreign agencies who could find one of those super sniper guns we see in films. His head is big enough. Again, I'm not encouraging anything. His VP is probably not more level headed and he provides regular amusement. He'll be thrown out in three years by his own party so he has an expiry date even if our pal Grim Reaper doesn't get him naturally.
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By Wooster
I suspect his button only works about half an hour after taking a wee blue pill.
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By Wooster
Ever since they started giving strong breezes names there's been an increase in pricks standing on beaches with microphones in their hands, doling out bullshit advice like 'Don't go swimming today!", pointing at fallen trees or standing in a bit of slushy snow on a motorway services overpass.

It's overstated sensationalist bollocks.
Hurricanes and Typhoons get names, not what we get.

If they want a storm, they should get some twat to stand on top of Cairn Gorm and do a live broadcast during a sea level gale. (We could always dig them up again in summer) ;)
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By Wooster
70mph winds, temperatures as low as -20, almost 2 feet of snow in some areas...was the weather that just hit the US east coast.

Did it get a poofy name?
Did it fuck. :D
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