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By Glamdring
I see they shot the terrorist they were hunting in Spain. I'm sort of pleased but should I be? I thought I was a human being. I'm conflicted.
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By richietog
Glamdring wrote:
Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:33 pm
Soon they'll shut the entire internet down and take us back to the '70s.
I wouldn't mind to be honest, just imagine, no facebook, no social media, people actually talking to each other rather looking at their phones all the time
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By Wooster
The odd time I use one I usually do a couple of pre boils with fresh water
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By Glamdring
I note Trump has pardoned that lunatic sheriff, indicating to the whole of the world that he considers police assaulting brown people far less important than.rape and corruption. That sheriff is everything that is wrong with America these days. Locals say he's amassed fortunes and $million houses, on a salary of $100k.
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By Wooster
Hurricane Harvey is expected to dump 25 trillion gallons of water over Texas?

Quite ironic that the planet is washing away the world's oil capital. :/
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By loughor
So was my mother-in-law.

No - that's a partial lie. I just thought it to be humorous.
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By Wooster
... and yet no picture of a hippopotamus? :)

(When was the last time you had to spell hippopotamus? It's a bit weird.)
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