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By richietog
So Theresa May announced yesterday that there was going to be a General Election on the 8th June, your thoughts.........is the Tories going to win it by a landslide or has Corbyn got something up his sleeve that we don't know of yet?
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By Glamdring
If he has he's cleverer than I give him credit for. I think many anti-Brexit people and MPs see this as a way of hopefully overturning the referendum.
By [PCF]Falcs
Going to be interesting this election however i do think she did the right thing as she wasnt elected, but she might be clever calling it now with Lib Dems and Labour in Disarray
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By Wooster
BBC reports "suspicious packages of white powder sent to offices in Scotland, possibly linked to an upcoming election."

See what they did? (many hours after the event)
The story is shit, but they still couldn't bring themselves to mention that they were SNP offices, the bought cunts.
If it had been anyone else we'd have news crews camping outside with 24 hour coverage......that I'd have slagged off as well. :mrgreen:
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By loughor
That Dianne Abbott showed what an incompetent <insert word> she is. She showed she doesn't know what she is talking about (just watch the news long enough for the LBC interview). Still, it shows you get highly paid jobs by shagging* the boss.

* I would not want to see that video. What an ugly pair of grunters.
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By richietog
I see that the Green party will want us to have a second referendum on the EU/Brexit debacle. Even more reason not to vote for them since Labour want to stop Brexit before it happens, without a second referendum
http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/gre ... 12881.html
Just imagine all the "tactical voting" that would go the Tories' favour, that is alleged to take place on June 8th
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By richietog
The way things are going at the moment, I know we have 2 years to go, but I am not confident that the UK are not going to get a good deal considering, the UK has to pay Brussels a fee, something like €50 billion or maybe €20 billion
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By Wooster
We had to beg to get in, the economy eventually benefited, then we were encouraged to act like we were too good to be a part of it.

Class system dicks.
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By Wooster
If it's a contractual obligation we'll need to.

Would you do work for a business that was known to shirk on their bills?

(Even if the Government refuse to pay out of pettiness, we'll still pay in the long run.)
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By richietog
I know understand that, but it used to be a lot lower than that
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By Wooster
They're probably highballing to counter the Tory lowballing, so splitting the difference might be about right. :)
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By Wooster
I heard a news pundit saying that the local election system in Scotland is a complicated process.

It's PR and super simple.
All you do is put a 1 next to your preferred candidate, and a 2/3/4 etc. next to anyone else your like in order of preference.

What's difficult about that? :)
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