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By Wooster
The 'dementia tax' is a bit of a laugh, innit?
All those council houses people bought (under Thatcher), now worth over £100,000 that they're taking the money back from.

What happens if both partners need care?
Does the one who needs it most first, win?
..what happens to the poor bastard who dies last? Do they get a lesser standard of care because their partner used up the equity on the house before they went mental themselves? :mrgreen:

(another thing)
In either case, the Westminster Exchequer will always own the value of the property beyond £100,000, won't they?
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By Glamdring
The local council is in charge of that. Even round here mist houses are well above the £100k mark.

Must admit Labour's policies are more appealing just now. But manifesto promises are made of rice paper.
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By Glamdring
Glamdring wrote:
Sun May 21, 2017 5:50 pm
The local council is in charge of that. Even round here most houses are well above the £100k mark.

Must admit Labour's policies are more appealing just now. But manifesto promises are made of rice paper.
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By Glamdring
With the policies of the Tories appearing increasingly to be own goals, with Boris sticking his foot in it again this morning, with Corbyn appearing at a rock festival, can he actually win against all odds?
The media are starting to round against the Tories' policies on the elderly when a few weeks ago she was their darling.
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By Wooster
They can't lose.

If the manifesto proves unappealing and they fail to get a majority, then they can blame the other parties for any failures in the Brexit negotiations.
If they still scrape through with a majority, then they've managed to get away with one of the largest cash grabs in recent history.
(Brexit negotiations will still be a clusterfuck, with most of the effort going into to ensuring the wealthy are ok.)

I also suspect that these funds will not be included in total health spending figures, so the devolved health services will see a cut in their own percentage of the funding from Westminster.
I'm not for a minute suggesting that the devolved health services should get a brass bean from a raid on English property values, but they should be aware of the knock on effects. :/
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By Wooster
The Tories call a general election, so have weeks of extra time to prepare their manifesto, and they still make such a c*nt of it they need to change it.

.....or did they change it?
Did they just adjust the wording to make it sound more palatable?
(They'd be as well just telling pensioners to use an equity release firm and pump the return into private health care....even though they're the ones who've paid most into the NHS over the years)
By [PCF]Falcs
Labour's pledges sound amazing but is anyone stopping to think how its all going to be paid for??? To be honest i think Corbyn is living in a dream world albeit a good dream world who wouldn't want to live in a place where everything is free, you get paid more for working less and paid even more if you dont work at all!
As for the Tories nothing changed much there same as usual more to the rich less to the middle bloke and less well off, however at least theirs isnt promising the world to everyone with imaginary funds! Bit of a crapper for pensioners and home owners though and am sure the privatisation of the NHS is hidden in there to!

To be honest i doubt anyone could get this country to where it wants to be especially with Brexit looming over us all.
On another note i see so many peeps on FB who shouted for Brexit now blaming the Tories for it???? Am pretty sure the government (Tory) was voting to remain in or am i mixed up there? In fact wernt all teh parties voting to remain?
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By Wooster
The Tories were to blame.
They were the ones who promised a referendum on it after bowing to long term pressure from their own back benches and UKIP.

You think if Scotland had voted for independence that the SNP wouldn't have gotten the credit/blame for it? :D

Labour claims their manifesto is costed, so apparently not promising something for nothing.
(I can't claim to have read it though, since I'm not planning on voting for them.)
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By Wooster
Channel 4
May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10

But it isn't.
It's May t(hen) Corbyn, Live: Who can remember the most scripted dialogue!

It's a dementia test..innit? :D
That's why they won't face each other...it'd be like a rambling argument in a nursing home. :)
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By loughor
I see Corbyn has no clue on costings when asked a simple queation. What a feckwit he is. As embarrassing as that Abbott woman the other day. Could you trust them? I know I can't. Which makes voting quite hard this time having seen the rest.
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By Wooster
They keep doing that, but no-one can remember every figure for every policy at all times.
They used to pull the same stunts over the price of bread and milk.

Theresa May avoided that problem though, by simply not providing any figures at all.
(Her manifesto is thinner than a sheet of single ply bog roll, so you couldn't even wipe your arse with it.)
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By loughor
Yep her lot have just implied business as usual but it isn't. I'm a pensioner now and damn it, I demand a rise. A sideline, my occupational one went up 1% because of the RPI or which index is tied to, but the actual figure was 3% (I looked it up on the Office for National Statistics site). Best I go on strike ;)

Milk is 25p a pint from a supermarket in a four pint bottle. No idea on bread as I make my own in the machine, so I would fail that.

It seems that Mr C. wants to up tax for the generic better off and corporations. I've heard this will be spent on education, health and childcare. He must be expecting quite a large sum (not that any of his cronies can put a figure on it). I'm not that credulous. Maybe others are.
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