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By richietog
At least this election isn't turning out to be like any US elections, perhaps they should really take a note from us. Perhaps the mudracking will begin shortly, but at least for mow it's about policies or lack thereof
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By Wooster
The polls are narrowing, the Tories only need one more balls up to avoid having to deal with Brexit alone.
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By Wooster
Channel 4 News interviewing Liam Gallacher is like giving airtime to some of my neighbours, who're off their tits on valium half the time because it takes the edge right off avoiding smack. :/
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By Wooster
I woke up annoyed this morning.'
One of the news channels interviewed some UKIP dickhead yesterday who complained about people getting benefits when there are '750,000' jobs unfilled in the UK.

It annoyed me because I'm still signed up for job alerts through a pile of agencies (I don't actually need them, I work for myself and I'm doing OK, but you never know what might pop up) and most of them are very specialist roles. (How many GP's are we short of in the UK?)

..and there's the problem.

It used to be, that you went through school with a rough idea of what you wanted to do with the rest of your life, but it hasn't been like that for 40 years.
We see various politicians flap their lips about the STEM subjects, but I covered the Technology and Engineering side in the early 80's, just in time for Thatcher to wipe most of those jobs out.
....and it occurred to me that that's probably why there are so many unfilled vacancies in the UK; No-one has been willing to gamble years of their lives, studying for a role that might never exist.
(I see tech jobs for those new Aircraft carriers a couple of times a week, but who in their right mind would train for that? Most of these jobs will be gone in a couple of years, then what'll you do?

..furthermore, the job market is so fucked that you have to wonder why kids even bother at school at all and that's what leads to so many people, over many generations, seeing a life on benefits as the only option they have.....and that's a failure of our governments.

Anyway...with giving that prick airtime, the myth about hundreds of thousands of readily filled jobs going begging is perpetuated.
All he sees is a headline figure, which he repeats like a mantra without a second of thought going into what he's saying...and that's a failure of The Press.
We have a right to expect them to question 'facts' and opinions, before perpetuating them, that's their fucking job!
(And yet they're apparently mystified that vast swathes of people question their integrity?)

..I could probably go on, but I won't.. :)
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By richietog
Despite being charged for expenses fraud, ok, not exactly guilty as of yet of doing so, May says she is backing the MP accused of claiming expenses while they shouldn't be doing so
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 68961.html

Typical Tory corruption. But hey, Labour and the Lib-Dems were not exactly saints themselves a few years back
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By Glamdring
Watched a bit of the Farron interview tonight. He seemed honest enough and didn't waffle too much.
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By Wooster
P.S. Despite decades of rhetoric to the contrary, concerted criminal activity still seems to have an effect on diminishing our democracy.
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By richietog
Abbott has stepped down as shadow Home Secretary
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By richietog
Damn can't vote until after work
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