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By Wooster
With it being 27:1 I'm not sure I trust a single faction of a single political party to deal with the negotiations.

May's first 'concession' feels like something that's been hastily scribbled down on the back of a fag packet and it received a lukewarm response, at best.
They've had a year to come up with a plan...longer, for some of the major proponents, and that's their opening salvo?

I think we might need to pool our resources and create a representative cross party negotiating team to deal with this, or we're going to get fucked.

They don't even need to be serving MP's, there are a lot of very experienced ex parliamentarians (some made up to sit in the House of Lords) who could be called upon and asked to put their political differences aside for this single task.

Given the current crises they've had to deal with, there's no way the serving Government can't be distracted and the deadline is potential a godsend for terrorists if they can keep taking May&Co's eyes off the ball, since we'll need to live with the mistakes they make now for decades to come.
(I doubt their ego's will allow them to see sense though..)
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By loughor
Interesting thing I heard on The Today Programme, so I hunted this down.

A former Irish diplomat warns that it will be in Ireland’s best interests to ‘Irexit’, rather than remaining with 27 EU members over Brexit. Dr Ray Bassett is a former Irish Ambassador (to Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas) and was one of the senior Irish negotiators in the Northern Ireland peace process.

Not that the Teashop and politicians who matter necessarily agree, of course.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08wmjvd (see 06:50 if it hasn't scrolled off the page).
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By Wooster
I heard that this morning.
Interesting idea, but threatening to pull out of the London Fisheries Convention this weekend (a pre EU agreement) hasn't made any friends in Eire.
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By Glamdring
We always come to an arrangement with Ireland. Besides, Vince Cable says we may not Brexit after all.
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By richietog
BoJo seems to think that the "divorce bill" is too steep, well yeah, that also with the fact we're going to lose a lot of free trade with the EU. Considering also, he is a Brexiter
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By Wooster
It's the diplomatic equivalent of taking his ball and going home.
(He must not have gotten an invite to the party they were complaining about). :D
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By Wooster
This guy was on the radio this morning saying that Brexit could be a disaster for farmers in Scotland because the SNP are unlikely to subsidise them to the extent that the EU have.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-s ... s-40579964

A small point,
He was a Tory MEP for 15 years. (until 2014)
So he was a supporter of the (Cameron) government who created the problem he's complaining about...but claims it's a potential disaster caused by the SNP, who opposed Brexit?

Fuck me, talk about teflon shoulders. :roll:

He makes some good points, but they have already been made (many, many times over recent years) by those he opposed.
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By Wooster
David Davis said today that it's time to get down to business and make this negotiation a success.

I think what he's saying is that they haven't actually started the serious negotiations yet, but they've just about managed to negotiate what they're going to negotiate on ...when they get back from holiday on the 5th of September.

Anyone get the feeling that they're just hoofing the ball down the road and that we'll be lucky to get out of Europe with our arseholes intact? :|

They also need to find a way to pass at least two new laws per day to cover the regulations we adopted under the EU framework, for two separate legal systems, so that's likely to be a right old hatchet job as well. (Hence the concern over human and workers rights)
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By Wooster
It's a pity all the PG Tips Tea Chimps are dead... they'd have made a smashing Cabinet, and probably thrown a lot less shit about.
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By Wooster
Liam Fox is downplaying the chlorine washed chicken issue.
I think he's missing the point that it's just one thing among a number of concerns people have about the quality and safety of food.

"So what if millions of British people eat chicken or beef that's currently deemed unfit for human consumption in Europe over the coming decades? Fuck them! I'll be able to afford the good stuff from one of the few British farms that manage to stay in business."
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By loughor
I don't get the issue of American chicken being antibacterial washed. Yes it sounds unpleasant and there's animal welfare issues. Fine. Let them export all they want. I wouldn't buy it. If nobody buys it then they won't export so debate closed. Maybe use it in KFC or other franchised food chains? No problem for me. I don't eat that shit. Nor supermarket nuggets or other. I already ignore anything French.
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By Glamdring
The issue is that once it's here and it's cheaper than ours because we have better animal welfare though there are lots who don't care and will buy the crappy American stuff.
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