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By loughor
That Tracey Ullman does a good spoof of her (and Merkel) but a tad exaggerated for comedic effect.
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By loughor
Wheeler Dealers series 1 is getting a re-re-re-run. Actually, I don't remember them. Edd is thin. Mike still comes over as an untrustworthy spiv.
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By loughor
Over the last year or so, manufacturers are announcing new electric cars. I see them in the car mags I look through. Why is it that cars of the future look so flipping ugly? They make the Leaf look normal and that is nasty. Not just concepts, no, these are "coming 2020" and so on. I expect the wave of Chinese cars we'll get hit with soon will look good by comparison.
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By loughor
I just taxed my Sportage. £240 for the year. The previous diesels I had were £0 but I deliberately got out of that fuel type last year. It isn't as if I do many miles. They might have been "officially" low on CO2 but they were bad in other respects.

I hope that there is no snow/ice and such this year, but I have 4WD on this'un so that might be a help.

When electric cars stop looking fugly, have a 350+ mile cold weather range and charge 3% to 100% in five minutes, they might be an option. The other downer for electric is no gears. Gears are for proper drivers ;) Second hand electrics will likely have buggered batteries so they won't be attractive buys.
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By richietog
Photographed the Blondie concert, at least it's one of my faves to see before they finally, urm, pass away

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