Everything else. (If you're not sure where to post, post it in here)
Apologies, as you obviously have more understanding of a major part of agoraphobia than most. One thing it took me years to realise was that if you mentioned 'panic attack' to any GP they simply stopped listening to anything you said after it and reached for the prescription pad. The only effect of the pills prescribed was to give me virtually all of their side effects which only made matters worse.

After years of violent and prolonged daily 'panic attacks' I made my own diagnosis, which was that my nervous system was the source of the problem, and that was the start of recovery. Can't remember the last time I had one - other than when the agoraphobia kicks in (and, surprisingly to some, you don't even have to be outdoors).

As for "facing your demons"", I had no alternative but to face them every day, without alleviating the problem one iota, so I can only agree with any contempt you may have for psychologists (and despite the indifference of GPs to what they were being told they too hold them with contempt).

This probably isn't the place to go into the roots of agoraphobia, so I'll just say that you could compare it to being sentenced to solitary confinement, with little to no contact with the 'outside world'.

On the bright side, at my advanced years it can't go on much longer... :lol:

{Translation of response to Splinter:
I wish you much success and that your sheep prosper

(Sorry, my Spanish is not good since I never learned it)}
I was only prescribed medication once, by a locum who thought I was suffering from depression and prescribed me SSRI's.
I only took one and it was mental hell...which is saying something for a man who has consumed as many legal (illegally), illegal and natural (but still illegal) drugs as I have in the past. ;)
It was like a bad trip on top of a bad hangover, but stone cold sober...so none of the benefits of vaguely recalling a good time beforehand. :mrgreen:

My GP wasn't happy about it and I never saw that locum again.

In all honesty I'd rather drink magic mushroom coffee strained through the toe of a mates mothers old tights (again), than take SSRI's. ;)
Wooster, don't know what happened to my last post, but it was suggesting a link between having meningitis as a child as I did and mental health issues that might arise later if you did - and agoraphobia and panic attacks were possibilities.

I also went into a deep and long-lasting depression when 11, and what followed was to affect me for life. As for anti-depressants I was prescribed them when the panic attacks started, and quickly stopped taking them. I've always known the causes of my depression and pills weren't going to help.

It took decades to find a GP who actually did what they were being paid to do, and if not for her I probably still wouldn't know I had T2 diabetes.

Patient heal thyself?

As for drugs, I discovered alcohol late and before long could out-drink anyone. I always knew the reasons for drinking, but when it stopped 'helping' I gave it up and don't miss it (18 years sober). Never felt comfortable with other drugs.

Anyway, keep well.

Señor Splinter, usted es un buen hombre para cuidar tan bien a sus ovejas. Estoy impresionado.
I never had meningitis, but know people who did.

We've taken this off topic, but the subject is oddly appropriate. :)
Carry on...in Spanish if you prefer.

Migrating databases and maintaining a forum is a bit of a pain in the hoop, it also takes the enjoyment out of it when it's not 'Someone Else's Problem'. :D
La migración de las bases de datos y el mantenimiento de un foro es un poco doloroso, también le permite disfrutar de él cuando no se trata de un "problema ajeno".

Closest I can get.

And whilst we're off topic, "Некоторые говорили, что я самый великий человек, когда-либо ставший президентом. Спросите товарища Путина. Он подтвердит, что верно и очевидно" :mrgreen:
Your Spanish is impressive Alex and you put me to shame, Dios mio!
Anyway, yes it is a pain, but I do extract a certain amount of masochistic pleasure from it. Even more now that it's all brand new.
Oh! The redirect works which is great. Now it's no longer a black hole.
By the way, I also had meningitis as a kid. I think I was maybe 2 or 3 and don't remember any of it.
Could explain a few things. Maybe.
Thank you, Splinter. I put it down to hard work and a natural talent for learning languages. On occasion, I can even understand Wooster... ;)

When the polio vaccination was introduced it was noticed that there was an increase in meningitis, and that's how I got it. Almost killed me, but I didn't get that lucky. We Scots are a tough lot.

Good luck getting your Forum up and working, and with the help of our resident genius you will.
And you may ignore someone's unwarranted assertion...

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