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By Wooster
Went for a walk around a country park today and it was full of people walking those clitoris dogs.

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By AlexC
So, that would be women with a well-trained dog which may prove to be more accomplished and preferable to alternatives? Although regular check-ups may be required.

For the dog...
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By richietog
Been freezing for what seems like for weeks now, and the antiquated central heating doesn't help
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By Glamdring
Buy an old Dell LED monitor. Mine could heat my study by itself.

Had my great niece and nephew up from Cornwall today. 6 n 9. Nice to see them - and their parents too.
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By richietog
I knew this was going to happen. Someone at work has the same jacket as me, just mine is larger than theirs. And they have taken it.....cunt.....is all I can say
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By Wooster
They won't be hard to find though, will they? :D

Just tell them you left a bowel screening sample you were going to hand into the doctor in the inner lining of one of the pockets. ;)
(The old ones are just small strips of cardboard, so easy to miss.)
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By richietog
Irony of the excuse, hahahahaha
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By Wooster
I bought a couple of Sinnerlig table lamps from IKEA last year.
http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/ligh ... -00310106/

I bumped the glass cover on one with something (I think when putting my phone down, it was barely a tap) and it cracked a bit...a bit too readily tbh.
Then the other day I bumped the cover off it and it fell about half a metre onto a thick bedroom carpet and shattered into shards.

I was going to contact IKEA about it maybe unsuitable for places like kids bedrooms, but you can't do that without the receipt and a pile of other not readily available details.

I hate that.
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By richietog
Wooster wrote:
Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:09 pm

It may have been an honest mistake though, you shouldn't rule that out. ;)
Never had ruled that out, but you know some people will probably deny it
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By loughor
If you paid by card then you'll have a record of the transaction and so will they even if you cba to find it. You don't need the till receipt.
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By richietog
Another pointless day....oh wait, it’s my cousin’s birthday, a good distraction
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By Glamdring
Bright and sunny, with a good covering of hoar frost. I'll wait an hour then go out.

Edit. Been out. Dull, bitterly cold and sleety.
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