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Just read foods I should avoid before forthcoming colonoscopy - which is everything I eat. So the laxative you take beforehand isn't going to have anything to remove. There's still the not unlikely possibility the procedure may prove more harmful than anything they might - or might not find. Currently wondering whether to just cancel it and take my chances.

Enjoy your pheasant... ;)
I thought something was off in my kitchen a few weeks ago, but after much Nosin' Around (remember that?) it dawned on me that it was the Italian lads downstairs frying garlic. :)

I don't actually mind garlic tbh.

An ex GF of mine had a French lodger and he used to stink the place up something rotten.
He was into smoked fish, but not of the Arbroath Smokie or Kipper variety...some mad French stuff. :?
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