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Just read foods I should avoid before forthcoming colonoscopy - which is everything I eat. So the laxative you take beforehand isn't going to have anything to remove. There's still the not unlikely possibility the procedure may prove more harmful than anything they might - or might not find. Currently wondering whether to just cancel it and take my chances.

Enjoy your pheasant... ;)
I thought something was off in my kitchen a few weeks ago, but after much Nosin' Around (remember that?) it dawned on me that it was the Italian lads downstairs frying garlic. :)

I don't actually mind garlic tbh.

An ex GF of mine had a French lodger and he used to stink the place up something rotten.
He was into smoked fish, but not of the Arbroath Smokie or Kipper variety...some mad French stuff. :?
Certainly - and the frequent dashes to the bathroom will absolutely take any "edge" off. If you fail to reach your intended destination in time, arrange to have a ready supply of alternative clothing.

As for getting there, if he turns up this time it'll be by taxi.

Of course, if I get lucky I might manage to break both legs beforehand and forgo the experience.
I got a squeezy bottle of branded MacDonalds Big Mac burger sauce a few months ago (my brother snagged some) and it's run out.

Farting around with what I have in the kitchen, I reckon it's mainly mayonnaise and yellow mustard, with a bit of ketchup and finely chopped steamed onion (if you can be arsed).

There are probably recipes online that call for some mildly exotic stuff (smoked paprika, hint of ginger and eye of newt), but back in the 50's I think they just mixed up what they had on the table...mayonnaise, yellow mustard and ketchup. (and steamed onions, if they could be arsed) :D
I had an ISA until about 2005, it paid out about 10%.

Since 2007 I've possibly lost more by leaving money in my Current Account...making about 0.03% interest per year.
Got sick of that at the end of last year, so took a third of my savings and

You know, 2Kg of fresh mussels is mostly shells, but there's more eating in them than you think .. I couldn't get through them.
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