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By Glamdring
Not sure if it's interesting as such, or macabre, but despite the US spending $ms trying to stop child marriages in far flung brown and yellow countries (ironic racism there), around a quarter of a million 12 to 15 year old girls were married legally to older men across a number of States. They have loopholes regarding religion, parental control and things we'd never tolerate here. even if 16 is our legal minimum.
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By Wooster
Listerine Mouthwash was originally marketed as a disinfectant floor cleaner (sort of like Flash).
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By Glamdring
Yep. I keep looking up what's changed. It does make the mouth burn but that's the menthol they add. There are always arguments about whether or not it's actually dangerous in the longer term.
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By loughor
The term "halitosis" was a made up condition by the Listerine marketing department. Like the bolleaux you hear in shampoo or skin stuff. Fabricated compound names that mean bugger all in the real world.
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By Wooster
Aye, got a college an everything.

I've often wondered which was more interesting, but I like to think I held up quite well against the town during my drunken days. ;)

Something also not interesting.
People keep doing weird double takes when they see me, which is disconcerting because I don't know who they think I am.
It's been going on for almost two years.
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By Glamdring
I see that they've discovered that blue eyes are the result of a particular genetic mutation in Europe 6-10000 years ago. And that everyone on the planet is descended from that one person. Some family tree.
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