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By loughor
Hey, CC, your Plex Server needs an update (according to the browser version). I can connect to Cosmos from the app on iOS or Apple TV. This is therefore for information only. Here's the message:

Update your Plex Media Server
The server "Cosmos" is out of date and cannot be selected. This version of the web app requires Plex Media Server 1.3.0 or higher. Use one of the links below to open an available, out of date server directly.

P.S. arse.
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By Glamdring
Even if my QNAP was currently running it wouldn't run Plex. I tried. It told me I needed more RAM.
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By loughor
Only the Intel based QNAPs with a modicum of RAM can run Plex. The ARMs don't have the power. They can run it but no transcoding and buffering. I'm streaming something from a pal's server right now. His is running on Mint but I don't know the hardware spec. My Mac mini is an excellent server for it (so far). My lad runs it on a modest Gigabyte i5 powered NUC type PC with Win8. That works well too. Unfortunately it is a corporate WIn8 so he couldn't up to 10.
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By loughor
I just checked and it still has the same message. OK on the App or Apple TV but not in my browser.
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By loughor
Glam - did you ever get Plex up and running?

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