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By Andrew

Having seen LED bulbs on the Gadget Show just recently and the place where I volunteer get LED bulbs installed I was thinking about switching my bulbs to LED ones to save a bit on my electricity bills. In my flat I have on/off switches and no dimmer switches. Does this cause any problems?

Would you recommend LED bulbs? Are they any good and can you recommend a brand? I see on the Asda website they sell LED bulbs.

I have 4 bulbs I want to replace. The living room, hallway and bedroom.

Any help or advice would be great.
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By loughor
LEDs are not fussy on normal type switches. If you did want dimmers then some bulbs will and some won't so just check the box but a dimming bulb is OK in a standard socket. I have mostly LED all round the house. Just a few old spots to change when I cba. I h=get them from Homebase, B&Q, Tesco - anywhere I am when I want one. Just make sure they are LED and not the other types.
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By Wooster
I don't like them for house lighting, there's no warmth to them and, if you lower the Lumens/(old skool Wattage) they flicker enough to give you a fit.

I have a drawer full of the damn things. luckily they were cheap(ish).
Only place for large LED's is in your fridge, and on your vehicle headlights. ;)
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By richietog
Just make sure they have a good CRI rating, otherwise you might as well go back to tungsten bulbs

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