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By Wooster
Use his then, it's probably kitted out like an ambulance. :)

I passed a Unimog tourer the other week (German plates) that I'm sure I've seen before.
It has a pile of flags painted on the back with the words "I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list."

That might suit you both...but you might have to fit a Stena Chairlift for Glam, the deck is 5' off the ground. :)
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By loughor
A plan is afoot to ban all diesel and petrol new car sales in 2040. Twenty three years. I'll be brown bread or off the road with drooling dementure so I give not a jot.

There's a lot of work to make that vaguely workable. Road charging points (you can't always park outside your house) that are well maintained and not out of service, all on top of recharge stations. Batteries that go from low to full in minutes and give you a 400 mile range. Where is all the power to charge the cars coming from? Just for starters.
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By Glamdring
I won't see that either.
I can see a marked rise in the price of second hand cars come that date.
It's a huge undertaking since all of our road transport is done by diesel powered lorries and buses.
Still, that's a problem for the next generation.
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By loughor
Bring back trolley buses :) They were a laugh when the thingy came of the wires and the conductor had to get a long pole and replace it. The overhead wires looked horrid but did the job.

For the lorries - put Scalextric slots on the motorways for them :D

There. Problems solved. You're welcome.
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By Glamdring
According to the Telegraph the electric-only car plan would need another 10000 wind turbines. That's a lot.
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By loughor
Turbines don't work on still or very stormy days so you'd need a fallback as well.
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By Wooster
Induction coils in the road might be needed, so that you can charge on the go.
(There's a trial of the system going on in Milton Keynes, using buses.)
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By loughor
How will drivers of these recharge-on-rroad vehicles be charged? It wouldn't be free. I isn't straightforward.
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By Wooster
I have a busted EGR pipe in the car.
It was £370 to repair 6 months ago, but now it's £470 because the £ is fucked

Honda extended the warranty on the part to 7 years or 125,000mls (whichever comes 1st), but my car is 8 years old.
The dealer told me to contact Honda, since they might knock a bit off the cost, but they called me this afternoon to inform me that they'll cover the lot. :shock:

That was a bonus. :)
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By Wooster
I doubt I'd buy another Honda, I'm looking to replace this one already (the boot is too small for such a large car).
Volvo V70 or XC?? D5 maybe.

The DPF regen light has come on again, about 15 miles short of Peterhead (on the way to a job), so that was 200 miles of 50% power and no cruise control as well, so if that's fucked it'll be a few bucks. :|

(It was so bad that I had to decide which of the two roads home had the least climb south of Perth (M80 or M90) because I wasn't sure it would make it.)
In the end I decided to stick with the M90 because I had a better run at that one. :)
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