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By loughor
The DVLA has banned some 67 plates. Some examples:


Source - Auto Express.
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By Wooster
DPF Regen light on again.

It's costing me £100 every 600 miles at the moment.

Bag of Honda shite.
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By Wooster
Hired a car for a week so that I don't lose any more money hand over fist in lost contract work.
My AA membership came in handy for that, saved £50.

That way I can drop mine off at the dealer for a quote on what is likely to be a new DPF for scary money.
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By Wooster
The quote for a new OEM DPF is £1200 + Installation, so it'll not be getting one of those.
It'll be getting a soak, a super regen and punted for a fair price.

Hire car is an automatic Octavia Estate, which is something I was looking at as a replacement.
Cracking boot space, terrible USB/MP3 player system (it'll only shuffle one album, not the whole drive) and I doubt I'll going for an automatic after all, since I like to use engine braking.
(I might come around on that though)
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By Glamdring
My VW DSG box has a sport mode which does engine breaking more than standard, but it does use a little more fuel.
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By Wooster
The Octavia has a DSG box in it as well.
Even on a mild hill I find I have to keep applying the brake to stop it from quickly picking up speed. It's quite annoying.
I also hate the lag when picking off at junctions and roundabouts ... which is markedly worse with Stop/Start enabled, but when disabled the parking brake doesn't always stay applied when stopped at junctions and roundabouts. (It's meant to hold until you start accelerating.) :/

The DPF works a treat though. :D
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By loughor
I think Wooster needs to go electric. Here's one for him to save up for. It should suit his hooligan driving style ;)

https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new- ... ar-1180bhp

British firm Ariel is poised to unveil what it believes will be the fastest-accelerating and most advanced supercar in history, a 1200bhp, four-wheel-drive electric two-seater with a revolutionary turbine range extender powertrain.

The vehicle, codenamed the P40, will be capable of 0-100mph in just 3.8sec, and is scheduled for production in 2020.

Mind you, the range seems like it is best for a trip to the local shops rather than any real trip.

Let's face it, most electric cars are really rubbish at the moment for range and recharging. There's probably only enough lithium for the batteries for ten years.
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By Wooster
In the last two weeks my daily (work) mileage has been:

..and it was in the dealers for two days.

You can decide for yourself how practical an electric car would be for me. ;)

p.s. I'm getting more used to the DSG box.
Eco Mode was the problem right enough Glam, Normal is far better and I just slot it into Park when waiting at lights rather than rely on the brake holding.
First fill up will also give me a clue on the mileage it's giving me.
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By richietog
Are you a courier?
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By Wooster
I'm an IT Engineer/Consultant Richie
I'm hired to plan, investigate, install, configure or fix IT related stuff, so there's a fair amount of travel involved.
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By Glamdring
I've got the auto start-stop. They say it saves fuel but you have to keep your foot on the brake for the whole time or the engine fires again. I don't know if that means the brake lights are on all the time annoying whoever is behind me.
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By Wooster
My first thought Glam.

My brother has a BMW M5 and it holds the brake until you hit the accelerator, not until you lift off the brake pedal itself (which is fucking stupid as it renders the automatic parking brake function useless).
Anyhoo, day 2 with it and I find it's easy enough to throw it into Park at lights to save blinding the driver behind.
(Not a problem in daylight, but sitting behind someone with their foot on the brakes in winter, in shitty rain is mega annoying. I sometimes return the favour by firing the headlights into high beam and blinding them as much as they're doing to me.) :)

My brother in law's family are in the Taxi business and he says the Start/Stop function fucks the batteries, but most taxis only do local shit with lots of stopping and starting, which is possibly the point.

I think it's probably kidology tbh.
Does 45 minutes of idling emissions saved per day = the carbon footprint of producing and then recycling a car battery in a shortened lifecycle?
... then there's the blast of crap and stress on the engine as it starts.

I call Shite! on Start/Stop. ;)

Probably saves you £20 per year in fuel, but does £200 worth of damage to the engine
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By loughor
That's odd to have to keep your foot on the brake, Glam. I can't see it being a VW thing as my Audi and Seat stop/started properly, as did the Nissan. As long as the battery is charged enough, it should just do it. Mind you, it could be an automatic gearbox thing having thought about it as I typed. That has to be it.
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By Wooster
This Skoda certainly doesn't either, it'll pick off if you lift off the brake.

(I need to investigate)
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