Everything else. (If you're not sure where to post, post it in here)
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By loughor
The Skoda is automatic (DSG - same thing). Holding in the footbrake is not really the way so it's odd.
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By Wooster
I looked into it and there's a function button for the Auto Hold on some models (looks similar to the Stop/Start button), but it's not present on this rental.

That being a given, you'd expect that it would be On by default and the button would only be to disable it.
... at the lights I can feel it engaging, but it picks off as soon as you release the brake, which renders it pointless. :/
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By Glamdring
Mine can be turned off for that journey only. It resets when you turn off the ignition.

Had my first wagu burger today. Brilliant.
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By Wooster
They sell those in Costco.
They also sell Wagyu steaks, and I'm not impressed .. they're very fatty.

It's probably appealing in the USA because their beef is so fresh and hormone ridden that they need to knock fuck out of it before cooking, but Scotch* beef is hung for the best part of a month and a steak is tender with only a couple of minutes frying on each side.

I have progress on the DPF issue.
Sprayed some Mr Muscle oven cleaner into it, started the car to blow it through, then repeated a couple of times and let it steep for a few hours.
Started it again to get up to temp and sprayed in a mixture of Mr Muscle and water (which would have flashed to steam).

The DFP regen light is still on, but now the engine management light is on as well. :D

On Tuesday I'll take it to the local garage and have them do a forced regen and clear the warnings.
If it works I've saved £1300 ...if not I've lost about £150.

*Scottish and Scotch are different apparently. Scotch is raised and butchered here but Scottish can be animals that are brought in for a qualifying period from elsewhere.
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By Wooster

I think there's a software issue.
Local Mechy said that the log entry stated it hadn't had a regen in 6000 miles.

Couple of problems here:

1) Every week, or 1st opportunity thereafter, the car is run for at least 20 minutes on the motorway in 5th @ 70mph
This means that it should have logged a standard regen at least a couple of dozen times more than indicated.

2) Honda did a forced regen only 8 days before, so why wasn't it logged or cleared?

Anyway, got the forced regen done again, oil and filter change, rear brake caliper replaced (sticky handbrake), new front number plate fitted and the MOT done.


Cool. :)
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By Wooster
Doubt it.
If it's a software problem, it's still there.

... an option might be to buy a Bluetooth OBDII adapter and regularly trigger regens manually. :|
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By Wooster
I'm naturally suspicious.
"Sorry pal, that's not covered under warranty. The data shows you were driving to a non VW standard!" :)
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By loughor
I just saw that from 20th May next year, cars over 40 years old no longer need to pass a MOT test to be on the road. OK, there's some pampered classics about but I bet there's a shit load of rusty, poorly maintained bangers that might just clatter into you. I presume that those with jalopies who do bother with insurance won't have it negated. I can't help feel it is a bad, bad move. I can't see why this is being implemented. I expect the Minister of Transport's wife* has an E-Type and wants to save £50 a year.

*Poor old Kenny Everett didn't get away with similar aspersions :D
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By Wooster
You might not be far wrong.
Old cars have become a big investment area.

Chris Evans probably slept with the transport ministers wife ... or threatened to. :)
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By loughor
Apparently, the post is now designated Secretary of State for Transport. I just looked it up to see who it was. Some cove called Grayling, so obviously a fishy character (yes, I know, I already have my coat, thanks).

Give them a fancy job description and you don't have to pay as much.
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By loughor
I didn't go that far. I also resisted a similar jibe at your Scotch* harpy.

* Yes, I know really.
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By Wooster
If she looked like her namesake, she'd look like Worf(?) out of Star Trek.
Grayling doesn't need prosthetics to look like a Beluga whale. ;)
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