Everything else. (If you're not sure where to post, post it in here)
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By Falcs
We need this thread on here!!!!
had to sign in via steam as account i created doesnt work!
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By TheCrazyGringo
Splinter here alias this steam name, which I had to use as the registration isn't sending me an activation email.
By [PCF]Falcs
Been a long day today Work is a bit iffy to much in the pipeline but not enough now! and as a private company we dont have the finances to have slow months :( bit worried whats going to happen! especially as we have almost 3/4 million worth of jobs waiting to start!
By [PCF]Falcs
Oh and its great to see some of the old faces back on here to!
Lougher! Cruel! and Dirty Harry!
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By richietog
I really should try to get to bed earlier....no excuses whatsoever to stay up to 3 am in the morning, lol

Also considering taking Spanish lessons
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By richietog
It's ¡Hola!
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By Wooster
Today I just finished redecorating the living room...a pain in the ass. :roll:
By [PCF]Falcs
Spent the day going round different toy shops so my son coudl spend his birthday money!
Doctor Who and more Doctor Who best one he got though was the Lego Doctor Who set for £20 instead of £45!! took him over two hours to build but it does look fab!
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By Glamdring
Hard to believe he's 11.

Really bright, sunny morning, but a chill breeze.
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By Glamdring
Just filled in my postal voting slips for the mayor and local councillors. A paucity of choice so I went for character rather than politics. I didn't use up all my votes.
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By Glamdring
Was through at dad's. Saw a charm of goldfinches, the first I've seen in many years. Beautiful little things. His garden gets a bigger variety of birds than mine.
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