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By Wooster
Not cooking anything right now, but I have a backlog of New Scientist magazines to get through and I had no idea that trans fats weren't banned in the UK (but they are in the US?), despite the fact that it's the food additive equivalent of lead in petrol. :?

i.e. Flora Buttery = healthy? ("It's made from plawnts"[sic] after all)

Not so much.
Ingredients: Vegetable oils in varying proportions (sunflower, palm, linseed, rapeseed) (79%), water, BUTTERMILK (12%), salt (1.3%), emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), preservative (potassium sorbate), natural flavouring (contains MILK), acid (citric acid), vitamin A & D, colours (carotenes).

That's yer trans fats in bold.

I buy butter..sometimes fry with lard, but a lot of pastry and cakey stuff from supermarkets are loaded with them as well...and I do enjoy a Belgian Bun. :)
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By loughor
I just thought I'd make some scones. I've never made them before. I got a recipe from the BBC site and followed it exactly. Instead of a dough I could roll, I got a slimy mush. I'll try again another day, but using the formula in Delia's book. Arse.
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By richietog
3 days of pasta, and I'm beginning to feel and think like an Italian
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By Glamdring
Did you have lamb? I often find if i spend all day thinking about what I have planned for tea, by the time I get there I've already had it mentally and make something else.
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