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By richietog
Quick, 54 minutes from this post, Falcon 9 will launch
Watch live here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PjvvXnlgsw

It may actually be the start of the broadcast of the launch procedure....how boring, lol
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By richietog
Here's a list of the next launches from countries that have Space capabilities, though I think that some countries like China might not be included
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By Glamdring
We've set aside parliamentary time to agree permissions for private space launches from here. I wonder who's got plans.

I'm watching this week's Horizon about how the solar system will end. We have 500,000,000 years before we'll be forced to move to Mars. That's less than the time since life began on Earth.
Venus used to be in the habitable zone, we're there now but as the sun heats up, Mars will be in it after the earth has become lifeless.
It's scarily inevitable.

Andromeda is on course for a direct hit on the Milky Way in 4bn years.
We're DOOMED! :shock:
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By Wooster
It would interesting to exist outside of our normal timescale and see such events happen.
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By Wooster
That's an excellent image (looks almost translucent).

Earth is probably around the size of one of those blue spots.
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By loughor
Perseids tonight (and tomorrow) if it is clear and you cba to stay up into the early morning.
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By richietog
Damn, I would love to experience an eclipse when it happens, not just watching on TV
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By richietog
Apparently, there was another SpaceX launch last night, I think they are getting far too common to be honest
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By Wooster
That it wasn't exactly newsworthy is a good thing.

-edit- The more routine the better, eh? ;)
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