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By richietog
Do they really go too far in lighting everything up with RGB led these days?

RGB keyboard, mouse, motherboard, memory sticks, graphics cards, strips that come with a tonne of RGB led

Admittedly, I do have a motherboard and graphics card that has a minuscule of RGB, nothing OTT though
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By Wooster
LED, not RGB. ;)

Been like that for a while.
I have a large black box of a PC and the only lights I need is one to show it's on (I can hear that though) and one to show drive activity (in case it's hung).
Anything else is a christmas tree. :)
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By richietog
I have seen some of the RED LEDs on youtube, and they look so garish, totally puts me off, and I'm glad it has
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By Wooster
I was looking at buying a new multi function shower head and even they come with LED's now (water pressure provides the power supply).

Got wondering who the hell showers in the dark ... and then it hit me, it's a shagger thing.
Bit of soft lighting from some candles and the shower itself could be conducive to a potentially hip breakingly dangerous standup bathtub fuck... and only a tenner from Amazon. :)
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By richietog
There's me shitting about RGB lighting, and all I have done is ordered a RGB strip, damn it

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