Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By loughor
The Punisher. It's OK but the continuity is the worst. You just watch things they are holding or items on desks. Cup handles change direction when they have conversation cuts. A wire on headphones goes behind then in front of held items, and many more. It makes viewing more enjoyable spotting all the mistakes, and there are many.
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By Wooster
They must be doing a pile of takes.
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By loughor
Indeed. There usually aren't so many blatant errors is all.
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By Wooster
Man Down continues to be the most bizarre comedy on TV. :)
You can't help but cringe and laugh at the same time...which normally doesn't work for me. (i.e. Milky Sue :oops: :lol: )

Derek Griffiths was in it this week (from Play Away in the 70's, remember that Auld Yins?) as a not-so-wise old blind fellow.
Mark Hamill appeared last series as a fag smoking greasy spoon cook, but was written out because "he got a job on the new Star Wars film". :mrgreen:
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By loughor
I noted late that Discovery has brought back Mythbusters with new presenters.

I caught the first ep through VM's On Demand (just - it is off the list at midnight tonight) and will record the rest. The VM EPG doesn't highlight them s new so it will be manual recording for now. The old guys were better, buy these are passable. I'll get used to them.
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By Glamdring
Why do I like Midsomer Murders and Lewis (and Vera)? The plots are gentle (yet have included some iffy ideas like incest, drugs, psychological torture). The locations are idyllic, the acting often quite good with some nice bit parts for well-known thespians.
But still, why? The Danes love them too.
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By loughor
Did you ever watch Hinterland? A S4C/BBC programme.
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By Glamdring
Not sure, the name is familiar.

The Robot Wars grand final was brilliant. C4 have upped their game with this series.
By [PCF]Falcs
It was fantastic wasnt it Glam however its not channel 4 but BBC2 :)
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By Glamdring
Ah, okay.

I looked at a programme today on Sky Sports, called Watersports World. I was quite disappointed...
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By AlexC
Watched Celtic on BT Sport, although for reasons I won't bore you with, I've never seen them play live, and never will. They'll never be able to compete against teams that can spend tens and hundreds of millions. Other than that programmes like The Secret Life of the Zoo maintain my diminishing interest in watching TV.

And not to worry Glam, there's always a Pron Cocktail* to look forward to. (*predictive text - possibly) :mrgreen:
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By loughor
I'll watch the series starting tonight about quantum physics. Baffling and fascinating.
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