Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Wooster
Whoever's in charge of continuity/scripts on the DC films needs sacking, because some basic errors can ruin a movie.

In Justice League, two Amazons can quite easily support the weight of a stone slab that must be a good 40 tonnes (at least)*, but a minute later, one of them manages to get her legs pinned under a horse and can't move it.
...there's all sort of things wrong with that scene, but that's just sloppy.

No wonder they keep bombing at the box office.

*Why the fuck did they knock the supports out in the first place, if they needed to hold it up? Gahhh! It's infuriating!

-edit- I managed 53 minutes of this tripe and I think I know what the problem is.
Just before I quit, Batman had decided that there was a place they needed to go to, but on the next scene he had to ask Alfred where they were.

If I decide I need a loaf, I don't need to ask someone where the fuck I am after I've driven to the supermarket. (Does Batman have Alzheimers?)

My conclusion is this:
They must have small clusters of staff writing shit (literally) for different scenes, but none of them ever talked to each other and it's a total clusterfuck.
..another example: Some janitor is kidnapped at work**, but his wife (in a later scene) can give an accurate description of who did it, despite the fact that she was at home at the time.

The CGI scenes are the weakest of the lot though.

If I was a child under 10, instead of a cynical 51 year old....I'd have maybe liked it.......maybe. :?

** While 'mopping' open grid decking.
No-one mops open grid decking...not having to mop it is the whole fucking point of it!!
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By Wooster
I, Tonya! is better than you'd think it would be.

I'm thinking about renting The Death of Stalin on Prime, which would be the first time I've rented a movie in 16 years.
The last movie I ever rented was from Blockbusters, but the last good movie I recall renting was Gladiator.
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By Wooster
I did rent it.

It's not a 'funny' movie, but it's a very good satirical movie, better than Darkest Hour I thought. 8-)
(I did laugh once or twice, but the casual brutality is always lurking in the background)
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By Glamdring
Watched San Andreas again. It is good, and accurate. It's being used in geology classes in uni.
The only fault I can find is the total absence of news helicopters during most of the film. Normally they'd be swarming everywhere.
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By Wooster
I enjoyed the new Jumanji, Kevin Hart was hilarious at times. 8-)
...there was even a wee callback to the first one.
By [PCF]Falcs
Yeah wasnt as bad as i expected Wooster my son certainly enjoyed it!!!
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By Wooster
It took me a few minutes to realise that it was Karen Gillan playing Ruby Roundhouse.
Too used to seeing her with a bald head in GoTG maybe. :)

The cast seemed to be enjoying themselves at times, which makes a difference.
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By Glamdring
Watched Wonder Woman. An oddity in some ways but quite good.
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By Wooster
I quite liked it myself.

I heard that Justice League was a clusterfuck of sackings and rescripting.
...didn't get that far into it, but (same source told me) the bloke who plays Superman was brought in for some reshoots and they had to 'airbrush' out the moustache he'd grown for another film...and it looks like they used MS Paint for the job (like a floaty swipe of Panstick on a top lip) :D
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By loughor
I finally saw Deadpool now it is on Netflix. Amusing. Much suspense of belief.
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By Wooster
Sums up Marvel v DC maybe.

Keasy mentioned that Marvel don't seem to mind taking the piss out of themselves, but DC take themselves way too seriously.

I tend to agree.
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By loughor
I just watched The Death of Stalin. I liked it.
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By Wooster
Very dark, isn't it?
Some of it's so dark that it isn't even fully explained, like Beria's rape room. :?
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By Glamdring
When Beria was done away with they went to some lengths to erase him from history. For instance, they exchanged an article in the main Russian encyclopaedia about him with one on the Bering Straits.
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By Wooster
The pictures in the credits are about that kind of thing.
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