Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By loughor
According to Wikipedia, The Expanse S03 premiered this month on Syfy but that is probably in the US or for pirates. No sign on Netflix.
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By Glamdring
Stan Against Evil, on Fox, Ep1 anyway, was fun.
By [PCF]Falcs
Watched the first episode of the lost in space remake seems very promising
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By Wooster
I'm not sure about it.
The temperature is suddenly cold enough to freeze several thousand litres of water (with a presumably very warm escape ship occupying most of it) in seconds, but they're knocking about in the open air and not even bothering to cover up in conditions that would freeze every exposed surface and bugger their lungs?

That stuff annoys me. (where's the fucking science?)

The original Space Family Robinson/Little House on the Alien Prairie series wasn't that great either. :?

I tried watching Altered Carbon again and I think I'm done with Cyberpunk, it's just a confusing mess.
Blade Runner...fair enough, it was different, but this is 30 years too late (the latest Ghost in the Shell is another manga-esque clone that's decades too late).
Never been much of a fan of it tbh...Neuromacer was dull as dishwater.
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By Wooster
King Alfred and The Anglo Saxons (BBC4?)
Michael Wood is a bit of credulous chap, isn't he? (WTF are those scarves about?)

It feels like an account of a foreign war..which it was to them, I suppose.

I do think that historians need to apply a bit of common sense when it comes to those accounts that appear to be couched in religious terms though.
('He had a miracle of fish on St Crispins day'...and all that shite)
Most of the surviving accounts were written by the clergy, and there are hints that many were destroyed by I'd like to see a good old dollop of common sense applied, rather than accept dogma.
I'd say that people are, as people were, not that long ago.

-edit- (he went back to the religious shite in the end)....usual choir crap.
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By Wooster
Dream Job (Channel 4)

I see one of them is working on a fish farm on Loch Duart?
I hope he enjoys shooting seals and anything else in the wild that has the temerity to enjoy eating fish...that's going to be a fucking eyer opener (if they show it).

If you're fine with that though, I'd say it's one of the most boring jobs I've seen....yer just watching fish in nets, feeding fish in nets (it's a constant automatic pellet feed, so you just, always fish)

The United States currently bans imports of Scottish salmon from fish farms because we shoot seals to protect the nets (instead of making better nets)
(Cormorants are in the firing line as well...tbh anything that eats fish is getting shot)

Bet they won't show that.

They also like to show that the fish are hand fed.
They're not.

It's an automated feed on a timer and those uneaten pellets just sink to the bottom and rot, killing the bed of the lochs.

I don't think it would be too difficult to do better, but they need a good boot up the hole.
Biodiversity literally eats into their profits and they're not willing to to do anything about it if it costs a few extra bucks.

Go USA. :)
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By loughor
Runaways. First ep watched. Could be OK or a load of pony.
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By Wooster
Greg Davies comedy special on Netflix is good. :)
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By loughor
Glamdring wrote:
Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:40 pm
Stan Against Evil, on Fox, Ep1 anyway, was fun.
Yes indeed. He's still somewhat "Perry Cox" :D
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By loughor
I just watched ep 2. Bringing a goat home in a 'horror' genre comedy. What could possibly go wrong?
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