Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Wooster
That's the first season of American Gods finished.
I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but I don't think there's enough left in it for a 3rd season, so lets hope they don't milk it.
It was only one book, after all..

I see the TV Ads mention one reviewer saying that it's a 'challenger to GoT''s not ("because it's only one book!"), which I assume they haven't read. :roll:
By [PCF]Falcs
Dark Matter is as good as ever reminds me of a modern Firefly a bit
By [PCF]Falcs
Oh and season 3 of Fear the Walking dead just pisses all over The walking dead its such an underated show
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By Wooster
Storyville is good tonight (BBC4), it usually is.
Lifers in a Siberian Gulag, minimum term 25 years.
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By Glamdring
This week's Dark Matter was weird.
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By loughor
Stargate did a good "time loop" episode, and obviously Groundhog Day.

I started American Gods yesterday. Ep2 today. Got the gist. Not entirely sure. I'll give it to Ep5. 4K gets me to watch these things.

Liking the BBC4 thing on Hokusai, a key artist in what later became manga.
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By Glamdring
Just watching a few minutes of Saturday Kitchen. Michel Roux (Jr) said risotto could be as you like it: al dente, bit of a crunch. Madness. Idiocy. Risotto should be unctuous, creamy, luxuriant. So damned pretentious some of these chefs, even the supposedly famous ones.
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By Wooster
The consistency of sick? :)
(That's why I'm not a fan of it, or Chicken Maryland)
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By Wooster
My older Gran used to make excellent rice pudding. 8-)
I say older Gran, because she died in 1972...the other made it well into the 90's..

Anyhoo, I digress.

Kept seeing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as rated on Netflix, but kindae judged it on the title image and stupidly gave it a bye.

It's hilarious.
Premise is she was kidnapped and kept in a bunker for 15 years by a mad 'priest' who convinced her (and three other women) that the world had ended, then they get rescued...

Watch the first ten minutes of episode 1, that's all you'll need to decide. ;)
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By Glamdring
Not enjoying the current alternative universe plotline in Agents of SHIELD.
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By Wooster
Oh ho...something wrong in Superfuntime Men in Tights Military Propaganda & Product Placement Paradise?

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By Glamdring
It was, though I had to look up the plot online as I couldn't remember who Heather was. The background music was also so loud it covered up what they were saying.
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By loughor
I can't agree. The stories under Moffat, and especially his scripts, are rubbish. This last two-parter - blowing up the fuel lines with his screwdriver - how did the whole ship not go up? The Doctor does not himself kill, yet there he was, killing Cybermen. Do we assume the remaining inhabitants "go up" in the ship? Who do they come in conflict with? Does the ship, now having lost so much fuel, fall into the Black Hole? Why not? Why were the jet-boot Cybermen not squished on the ever-so-solid roof/floor as they tried breaking through? Nardole is now abandoned and will die by being ripped apart as the ship eventually falls in. And more.

And to really piss me off, we have a poor William Hartnell imitator, probably at the North Pole with Santa or some such festive bollocks.

Feck off, Moffat, and take your rubbish hole-ridden ideas with you. Time we had some decent scriptwriters and story arcs. Like when it was RTD in charge.

Of course, the next producer/writers/cast may be even worse, so maybe I wished for the wrong thing.
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