Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Wooster
That's the first season of American Gods finished.
I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but I don't think there's enough left in it for a 3rd season, so lets hope they don't milk it.
It was only one book, after all..

I see the TV Ads mention one reviewer saying that it's a 'challenger to GoT''s not ("because it's only one book!"), which I assume they haven't read. :roll:
By [PCF]Falcs
Dark Matter is as good as ever reminds me of a modern Firefly a bit
By [PCF]Falcs
Oh and season 3 of Fear the Walking dead just pisses all over The walking dead its such an underated show
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By Wooster
Storyville is good tonight (BBC4), it usually is.
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