Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Wooster
Why do the really good TV shows we look forward to crop when the weather is getting good and we could spend more time outdoors?

During the bleak winter months there's fuck all on, but as soon as spring comes around...BLAM! all the good shows start to appear.
It has to be deliberate...feeding us shite when we're sort of stuck inside, then giving us the sugar to keep us there in summer. ;)
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By Glamdring
There's certainly a break around Christmas that lasts far into the New Year. We need to drive the actors harder and get back to the 24 part seasons!
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By Wooster
The Christmas Schedule is terrible, they're still planning it like it was 30 years ago with tired old formats and 'specials' being trundled out.

Tell you what, if the GoT finale was on'n Christmas Day, it would pull 70's value viewing figures.
Fargo..that's due on as well, but it's set in Minnesota...usually in winter, so why isn't it on later in the year?
...I don't know, asshats with a degree in media studies probably do the scheduling.. ;)
By [PCF]Falcs
GOt was delayed this season as they wanted to film it in the winter months to get the snow from what i heard
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By Wooster
And only 7 episodes as well.

Some are hinting that they'll be longer, but it could equally be true that by filming in winter, they lost a lot of days shooting due to poor weather. :?
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By Glamdring
They're planning four spin-off GoT series, unnamed so far.

Why are there so few guests on Saturday Kitchen I've actual heard of?
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By Wooster
They might be planning on filling in some of the huge gaps in the various storylines. :/

They've got three seasons out of the Saul Goodman/Mike Ehrmantraut back story so far...

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