Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Glamdring
Watched some of this week's Horizon about fully autonomous cars. The tech is there, the software is within sight but there are still huge problems to overcome. I give it ten years, not the four some are saying.
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By loughor
I can see how a car can maintain it's distance and stay in lane but I'm not sure how one would cope with the kind of side road where cars are parked wither side so only room for one car to pass and cars coming the other way, then crossroads on such roads and the joining busy traffic at the end. And all with no input from the "driver". Needless to say, I won't give way to an autonomous car ;)
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By Glamdring
I suppose it may be that the autonomous part would only work on main roads and so on. There just isn't an AI capable yet, and when there is it will be looking to take over the world. Elon Musk said so.

I've taken a little bit of a shine to the US Junkyard Empire. They seem pretty skilled.
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By Glamdring
Speed is the New Black is pretty good in an American OTT sort of way. Discovery Turbo. Building/modifying cars. They're experts. Today they did a Triumph TR3, which they'd not heard of before, being based in St Louis. It showed up the pretty shoddy workmanship of the car as it came out of the factory in 1963 or so. Looked brilliant after a total rebuild and added supercharger. The cost wasn't discussed but must have been around $30k. Or much more.

Their 'shop truck' was a highly modded Ford F150 with 1000bhp. Automatic. Sounded great.
I'm many ways it's the only thing I envy the Americans for having. That passion and the roads. But not the stupid speed limit which is enforced even if you're literally in the middle of nowhere and a straight empty road ahead of you three miles long before the first gentle curve. There will be a cop hiding behind a road sign.

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