Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Wooster
I tried to read Neal Stephenson's Anathaem, but talk about boring. :?
About 3% of the way in he starts blabbing on about the workings of a gigantic clock, which was so boring I skipped page after page until he'd changed the subject. And it didn't really improve after that.
(I had the distinct impression that he'd opened an old clock and just described in detail what he saw inside....prick.)

In the end I just gave up with it.

(p.s. this board could be renamed Entertainment?)
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By Glamdring
I'm currently very much enjoying Peter F Hamilton's latest Commonwealth book. Wooster read it last year I think but I'd been saving it up. He really is the best scif-fi author out there since Iain M Banks died.
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By Wooster
The ones about the Fallers?
Aye, they're quality. 8-) (I was a bit dubious to start with, I thought "What's this? 'Little House on the Prairie' sci-fi?") :)

(I think it was meant to be a trilogy, but got cut down to two books)
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By Glamdring
I haven't read the second yet. It's the dearest Kindle book I've seen. I note Hamilton has now written a series of kids' sci-fi.
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By Wooster
Reading Pat Mills: Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! the story about the birth of 2000AD

It's pretty good and a blast from the past.
(He hated did I, the pointless green twat.) :D

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