Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By loughor
I'm finding S02 of The Expanse to be rather tedious. Four eps in. It's like the authors are spreading two books over nine or whatever it ends up as. Certainly no classic. I'll try and finish this series but it has to improve a lot to make me carry on. It is so slow with boring or irritating characters.
By [PCF]Falcs
Been watching the Vikings which is up to series 4 i think i am currently on series 3 and totally enjoying it

Also watched the first episoide of Tinstar which i found to bne promising
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By Glamdring
Watched the documentary about the role of the RAF at Dunkirk. Fascinating. It was the Spitfire's first outing. The rescue wouldn't have happened without them, and the lessons the pilots learned there were put into good stead in the Battle of Britain a year later.
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By Wooster
That the one that showed Peter Casenove's Spitfire on the beach?
(I saw that plane a couple of months ago and it's in concourse condition, hell of a restoration job.) 8-)

That's one one that appears in the movie as well, and as a really shite prop that gets torched at the end. :D
(That movie was riddled with errors)
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By Glamdring
Yes it was. Lots of film of it flying too. Smart.
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By loughor
I watched that dramatised Philip K. Dick thing that was on Ch4 last night. Meh. I hope the rest are better.
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By loughor
I was watching Upstart Crow the other day and wondered where I'd seen one actor before (well, actress in old money). Yara Greyjoy is where I've seen her.
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By Wooster
Only the BBC would waste money on that shit. :/
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By Wooster
Porters on Dave has a bit of a mental cast.
Rutger Hauer seems to be a regular, but Kelsey Grammer was also in it.

It was ok.
Zapped (which they're re-running) is pretty good.
Preceding those was a new series of Taskmaster, which was really good and the next season of Red Dwarf is due.
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