Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Wooster
Don't know if there are many Electronica fans still left ..

LCD Soundsystem have released their first studio album in donkeys
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By Glamdring
Damn, now you made me listen to it again. The fifth time so far.
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By Wooster
Pretty cool, but why bother with robots?
A good proportion of music is created digitally these days. :)
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By Splinter
Dolores O'Riardon, the unforgettable voice of The Cranberries has died today aged only 46.
It's not all that long since I really began to appreciate their music and her beautiful singing in particular.
No reasons were given for her death from what I can see. Very sad indeed.
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By Glamdring
Not old at all. I've found myself listening to a few of the Carpenter's hits. She was only 33. Lovely voice.
It occurs to me that if I pop off now while I'm typing this people will say, well he's not old, but he did have a bit of a life. Is that a consolation?
By [PCF]Falcs
Loved the Cranberries in their day such a shame and she was my age which is scary!!!
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By Wooster
Their 1st album is one of those that always gets copied to the mp3 drive in the car.
Like Leftfield: Leftism does, among others.
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