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By Glamdring
I note Jingles has damned the new Star Wars game, and it's in trouble with its investors because of the tragically expensive micropayment system, such that EA's share price has dropped.
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By richietog
[PCF]Falcs wrote:
Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:40 am
not bought that yet although my son wants it however eh will have to wait till its on sale
Didn't you say that you bought some micro payments from WoT? I know there is a distinct difference between FIFA which still charge for the game as a whole, except for those pesky perks in FUT. I play FIFA/FUT but haven't bought any "perks" as of yet since it's introduction years ago
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By richietog
Wooster wrote:
Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:08 pm
My nephew spent hundreds on that FIFA shit.
I haven't spent a penny, because it will only end up with either the same players or very average rated players. I have seen people complain either in forums and Facebook, by jeez, facebook has a purpose :twisted:
By [PCF]Falcs
I pay a lot to WOT have bought numerous premium tanks and usually spend around 25 quid every 3 months for premium on WOT ( the cherry on the top deal 1 months premium and 6000 gold equates to 3 months premium and 1000 gold spare) but as i have been playing it for 6 years i dont mind as i dont go out driunking anymore and theres a lot of us who play on our teamspeak including Glam so to me the money i spend on WOT is jsut like going to the pub on a weekend except cheaper!
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By Wooster
He mentions something that I've maintained for a while, these sort of 'loot' boxes (are they packs in FIFA?) are just a gambling racket.
Even worse, they could condition kids into thinking that gambling is fine and risk free, if they're at a stage in life where the concept of money is a bit vague or it's the parents who are footing the bill.

EA: Building the next generation of gambling addicts.
By [PCF]Falcs
Its not jsut EA to be fair they are in all games fortnite, world of warships/tanks/planes, killing floor to name jsut a few
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By Wooster
The Belgian government are looking into whether they should be classed as gambling.
They are in a lot of games, but the big problem is games that are rated for kids.
WoW/T/P is more adult oriented, as is GTA.

FIFA and Star Wars (Disney) not so much, and that should illegal. imho
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By Wooster
Trump is likely to blame gaming for gun violence today.

If the likes of CoD and Battlefield were such an influence on people, then why does the army have such a hard time recruiting people?
By [PCF]Falcs
I see Russian TV balls up and showed a clip from ARMA III of a frogfoot attacking a convoy instead of real footage from Syria, has happened a few times now not just in Russia!

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