PC master race
By [PCF]Falcs
Thought i would start this thread to let peeps know when theres updates

Well theres an nvidia one today :)
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By richietog
One more or less once per month tbh regarding updates
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By AlexC
If you're running W10 I take it Microsoft will be updating Nvidia drivers for you, which you may or may not like, and regardless of whether they're good or bad.

The ones I installed (on W7), the 397.31, have now been withdrawn, so if Microsoft haven't installed the latest (397.64) you should ensure they have, given the problems raised regarding the 397.31 drivers, especially if you have a GTX 1060.
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By Wooster
That's a misconception.
I'm running W10 and it's never forced a Gfx (or any other) driver on me, only system updates when I choose.

It's 10 Pro (cost me a fiver), so the system updates are optional as well.
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By richietog
Never liked the WHQL drivers, they are too slow to be updated. Granted that they probably have thousands per month to update. I just don't bother because games require up to date drivers for them to run
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By Wooster
No, some new titles need a beta driver release to patch particular issues, but if the WHQL drivers have no issues, you don't need a beta.

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