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By [PCF]Falcs
Thought i would start this thread to let peeps know when theres updates

Well theres an nvidia one today :)
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By richietog
One more or less once per month tbh regarding updates
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By AlexC
If you're running W10 I take it Microsoft will be updating Nvidia drivers for you, which you may or may not like, and regardless of whether they're good or bad.

The ones I installed (on W7), the 397.31, have now been withdrawn, so if Microsoft haven't installed the latest (397.64) you should ensure they have, given the problems raised regarding the 397.31 drivers, especially if you have a GTX 1060.
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By Wooster
That's a misconception.
I'm running W10 and it's never forced a Gfx (or any other) driver on me, only system updates when I choose.

It's 10 Pro (cost me a fiver), so the system updates are optional as well.
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By richietog
Never liked the WHQL drivers, they are too slow to be updated. Granted that they probably have thousands per month to update. I just don't bother because games require up to date drivers for them to run
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By Wooster
No, some new titles need a beta driver release to patch particular issues, but if the WHQL drivers have no issues, you don't need a beta.
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By AlexC
Just installed the latest Nvidia drivers, as ever selecting Custom install. Nvidia however had other ideas, ignored what hadn't been selected, and installed not only GeForce Experience but HDMI Audio drivers. (Unlikely perhaps, but anyone using a 32bit OS the 391.35 drivers will be the last update.)

Uninstalled both of the above, and rebooted, but will have to do the same for future updates.

What you need and what you get is making W7 more like the superlative W10 Service.
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By Wooster
It's a SoC, so the audio drivers might be an integral part of the update.

GeForce experience is a different matter, maybe you missed the prompt?
(W7 is 8 years old, it's getting binned whether you like it or not.)
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By AlexC
Didn't miss the option, and didn't need their audio drivers. And I'm still not tempted to fork out hundreds to 'upgrade' to W10.

I am, Sir, an Opposer!

And, following your logic, when do you anticipate that you'll be "binned"? ;)
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By Wooster
Look up System on a Chip.
You might not have wanted the HDMI audio drivers (for reasons unknown), but there might have been no possible update path without them, given they're integrated.

My logic follows an operating system lifecycIe, but I reckon I have 'up to' 30 years left.
That'll get me into my 80's and about 10 years into an increasing heroin addiction that'll eventually kill me. :D
(I'm saving the best for last) :mrgreen:
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By loughor
We Mac users don't update drivers ourselves. We get what we get as OS updates send. There may or may not be video drivers in an update. As long as it does the job - good enough for me. I'm not demanding. Also, DisplayPort is way better than HDMI if you have it. It isn't just a Mac technology.
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By Wooster
On the subject of updates:
I bought a Motorola G5 a couple of years ago because it was one of the few phone in the UK with dual SIM as standard (working in remote areas necessitates multiple carriers)

Anyhoo, they did a big system update last month and it totally screwed the stock camera app (Barcode/QR scanner gone, options to reduce filesize gone, choice of aspect ratio gone)...and many more.
It was still a decent picture (that one of Ben A'an on the Today thread was taken with it) but you were stuck with 16:9 at max res and a shitty interface. so far less than ideal.

Turns out the solution was to simply disable the camera app, then enable it again...and it reverted to the previous version.

Problem solved. ;)

(As far as I can gather, it's the same app for a number of models and this update was meant to fix some issues on others, so I'm glad that they have the option to roll it back if you don't need it.)
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By Wooster

Cost me buttons, takes decent pictures, cheap to replace if I break it. ;)

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