PC master race

My brother sadly passed away recently and left a Dell Alienware machine (I think bought in 2013). This was a top of the line system when new and hasn't been used very much. Still apparently a powerful machine (but I am NOT a gamer myself). Case lights up and colours can be customised by user. Excellent condition except for couple of minor surface scratches on PC chassis/case.

As I am not a gamer I plan to sell it on for a reasonable amount, but I have NO IDEA what "a reasonable amount" is. I don't even know what it cost.

Can anyone help suggest what it might be worth?

I am based in UK, London.

Thanks for any help.


Dell Alienware PC Aurora-R4

Intel core i7-3820 CPU @ 3.6 GHz

32GB RAM installed (up to 96GB supported)

1 x Solid State Drive – Crucial 256GB

3 x 1 TB Hard Drives (yes, 3 of them)

2 x AMD Radeon HD 7870 Display Adaptors (Graphics Cards) each with 2GB Video Card Memory

2 x CD/DVD Optical Drives

Multiple USB sockets

Bios Version A11

Windows 7 Ultimate installed - Service Pack 1; 64-Bit. (Windows 10 compatible - upgrade is reserved, but needs a Windows 7 installation disc, as original disc is missing).

Dell/ Microsoft OS original Certificate of Authenticity label on rear of Chassis

Dell Warranty obviously now expired but can still search Dell.co.uk /Support/Warranty - enter Service Tag No. HWZYD5J displays information and help.


Dell U2412M Digital Monitor

Corsair Vengeance K90 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair M60 Gaming Mouse

1 Toshiba 500GB External Drive (needs to be wiped)

1 Hitachi 2TB External Drive (needs to be wiped)


Dell Drivers and Documentation

Dell Application Cyberlink Power DVD
Sorry about your brother, but that's a nice rig he had. 8-)

Similar items on Gumtree and Ebay would give you a rough idea of what it would be worth, but I'd guess about £800?

I'd keep the 256GB SSD though, they're not easily wiped so the next user might still be able to get information from it.

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