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By Glamdring
I see the Americans have voted against continuing this. The result for us will be that things get dearer over the coming months and years. The ISPs will make some services more expensive because now they can.
Idiot Americans.
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By Wooster
Net Neutrality is still being upheld in the EU.
Something else we'll lose out on.
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By Wooster
The internet is evil, or so we're told, so control is a good thing, or so we're told.
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By richietog
The reality of life is that some aspects of the internet is bad, the problem with the deepweb is that certain sections is needed, I'm reliably informed, for the sake of hiding other activities, such as spying (after all, it was created by the military for that very reason) and getting information on dictatorship as a few example, other than the nefarious activities like drugs and even worse stuff that go on
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