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By Wooster
I see Google just got hammered with a €2.4bn anti-trust fine by the EU, who also opened the gate for those affected to take them to court. :shock:
(It's to do with the shopping results it displays)
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By Glamdring
It's perfectly arguable that they do abuse their position; I just find it hard to muster any heat about this with all the other stuff that's going on just now.
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By Wooster
I'm not that fussed either (I rarely paid any attention to their shopping results, with their broken links), but it's a hell of a fine. ;)
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By loughor
I use Duckduckgo except for images. Myself, I don't see the problem if they make it clear things are promoted. You know you are being targeted by Google whenever you use anything. No such thing as a free lunch from their free search and free operating systems, email, calendar and so on. Bing! also promote, don't they (or they did when I last looked - I hate Bing! so much I don't go there)?
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By Wooster
Bing is a lot more pushy on the product promotion I feel.

Enquire about anything and its default assumption is that you want to buy something mentioned in the search terms.
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By richietog
Oh dear, computers around the world are suffering from another bout of ransomware, similar to the wannacry. I heard that a company paid a $1 million to get their computers from the last time
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By Wooster
With the inexorable Government shift in policy towards Welfare and Pensions needing to be claimed online (so they can shed frontline personnel and shave a few bucks from the elderly, disabled, poor and illiterate, who can't be expected to understand (or have access to) the new technology), how long will we need to wait until we find out that their half arsed attempts at saving money has resulted in £millions being syphoned out of the welfare system, without their knowledge, by gangs of 15 year old kids... who's understanding of security vulnerabilities in the systems they've implemented, is 20 years more advanced than the Governments?

I'm willing to bet every penny I have that people are already gaming the Universal Credit system.
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By Glamdring
Possibly. Governments of both hues have been spectacularly inept at organising and running major projects. It's the case that as soon as a project is announced every scammer, flimflam man, smartly dressed con artist or in factly people who are much cleverer than any government minister (regardless of Eton/OxBridge and a double first with gold star) crawls out of their holes with £ signs in their eyes.
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