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By Cruel Coppinger
2nd rebuilt attempt after a catastrophic failure and cock up today on my part (>ლ) but all is now good to go. You'll have to register again (even if you did so in that last day or two, Sorry*). If any of the 7 or 8 of you that use this thing are passing me down in Devon I drink pretty much anything alcoholic. ;)

F.A.B's :

  • Back on phpbb3
  • Neat, responsive theme (paid for I might add!)
  • Account creation via confirmed email, twitter or steam accounts.
  • Website host cleared out of 6/7 years of junk files and crap so loads of room to grow. (again)
  • Spangly new database.
  • Shiny recent topics thingy-ma-jig near the bottom
  • New security captcha wotsit.

This sticky self destructs in 7 days. ( well, it loses its stickyness)

*not sorry
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By Dirty Harry
Cool, Nice work to all involved.
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By Wooster
Much coolness for getting it up and running again. 8)
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By NeoDude
Sup Foos
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By richietog
You what?
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By Wooster
I can't access the site normally, but can through a proxy.*
This is the second site I've seen this with issue in recent weeks.

*US proxy.
So it's easier to get onto the site from a US IP, than from a UK IP.

Is the site still running through Cloudflare?
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By richietog
Oh right because of the meltdown bug, right I get you Glam....
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By Glamdring
CC's put a lot of effort into fixing the site, and renewing the subscription, so thanks to him!
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By Glamdring
I've had some email notifications today of posts on here. Not had that in years. Wonder why. Who's been messing?
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By Wooster
We've lost a few days I think, even though the backup was from the 3rd. least it's back. :)

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