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By Wooster
It might just take a few days for it to settle down.
I noticed some web crawlers still indexing the site yesterday.
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By loughor
It happened again and took aaaaages to connect. Plenty of time to get a Screeny (edited) of the bottom left of Firefox.

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By richietog
Links don't open in a new tab when you click them
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By richietog
Can we have a tech news section, doesn't quite fit in the PC help section, let alone Mac help. Can also have Software help and subsection Browser help and tips???
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By loughor
Browsers/software and hardware can all live happily. IMO there is already too many forums and subs of them. It is untidy and makes navigation a pig. That is my opinion and maybe Glam or CC will disagree. We don't really need a Mac section as I'm the only bugger here with a Mac and I use a Mac forum for help.

Most of the subs under General could all sit in a catch-all Couch. I like simple because I am.

So I won't change anything but someone might.
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By loughor
Trouble getting in today. Accessing using URL gives a page that says:

Index of /
Name Last modified Size Description
phpbb/ 2017-01-07 20:46 -

If I click on the word phpbb, it fires up.

Just saying. That's a Control Panel job, is it not?
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