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By loughor
I just tried it and it failed but maybe it needs time to replicate. I know others have got in. It looks right to me, but then I've not used CPanel.
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By Wooster
If you are accessing the site via a shortcut, correct the URL.
..or delete the shortcut and create it again.

-edit- I wonder why the redirect isn't working if it's been in place for a while.
Can you untick Match www ? (This site doesn't use www)
Last edited by Wooster on Tue May 09, 2017 10:19 am, edited 1 time in total.
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By Glamdring
My PCF bookmark is my bookmark bar. I just deleted the old one and dragged the new one on to it. No problems.
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By loughor
I looked through the Admin Panel this morning and saw no option.

Where is the 'delete' option? I'd have thought it was top right of the post on the cog with a drop down arrow but on my posts I can edit or report and others is just report.
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By loughor
Aha. I did some www searching and the ability to delete posts is a property of Moderators, not Admins.

I put myself in that group and tested. Now I can see the extra actions. I added Glam after it was verified. CC was already in, which is why he could do the biz.
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By loughor
Different purposes in the grand scheme of things. The magic needs to be mixed for a complete experience. I did not know that.
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By richietog
This site doesn't conform to daylight saving hours i.e. it is currently one hour behind. Though not a biggy, just thought I might bring attention to it
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