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By richietog
That means you got to be changing it every time the daylight hours change, lol
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By loughor
richietog wrote:That means you got to be changing it every time the daylight hours change, lol
What is so hard about that? Lazy bugger. It has always been thus and you've been around forums long enough to have seen it before.
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By loughor
I upped the posts to be displayed per page from 10 to 15. The pages felt a little short. Glam also thought this. I just pulled 15 out of the air. It isn't a favourite number or anything. If anyone thinks 15 is too many or too few, say something.
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By richietog
I know this is down to the OP in the thread, but can general news in tech section be renamed to general tech news?
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By richietog
Grrrr......I hate being signed out after a certain time
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By loughor
It sounds like you have not set up to auto-login and stay logged in. I never get logged out nor have to enter a password when I visit (in normal use). Check you have the appropriate box checked next time you have to log in. The system is set up right (as far as I can see) so this is in your control, not ours. Unless others are having the same issue.

--edit-- I just remembered that you use a smartphone. Is this a) correct and b) iOS?
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