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By loughor
OK, well you set it yourself in the browser at the log in page - check the box. That should do it. The "sign me in automatically" and "remember password" type things. On a smartphone or tablet, if in a browser, same thing.
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By Lotta Lumina
Two things:

Bug - not necessarily a bug, it's actually a typo. The 'PC Help' forum description misspells 'for' as 'fpr', which might actually have a negative effect as it makes the board look less professional.

Suggestion - add a forum for Linux operating systems, and rename the PC Help to 'Windows Help'. I'd really appreciate that since then I can use this forum for Linux support as well as Windows/Mac support, since I dual-boot on the Windows machine with Xubuntu 17.04 and have a MacBook Air.
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By loughor
The spellings/titles were fixed straight away. Is there enough demand for a dedicated Linux forum, or is it just something for the PC section, based on likely demand? I don't mind either way. What do people want?
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By richietog
Bit of a Linux fan myself, maybe have a sub forum in the pc section......
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By loughor
It would be simple enough to start "The Linux Thread" in PC. I still don't think it would warrant a whole forum for all the use it would get. Keep it all together imo. Even I, setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time last weekend, used Duckduckgo to find answers rather than attempt to ask here. That's why I'll not create it but I won't delete anything if Glam or CC want to go ahead. I hate forum nesting.
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