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By loughor
Of course. Swings and slides (I was never a roundabout fan). I keep track of IPs through free iPad apps - Fing and Tether, a new app for TP-Link router management. Statics show in their lists, should I forget them.
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By Glamdring
It's working. It does seem to have been the Stardock app I'd been putting off updating. Cool.
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By richietog
Anyway I can set the router up, so I could divide equal bandwidth on the internet? I think the guy nearest the wifi signal has been chewing up all the bandwidth for his skype and/or netflix, either that, he has been plugging the Ethernet cable in the router, I don't know if that causes the router to divert all the internet to his advantage

And there's no QoS on the router, so I can't use that method
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By Wooster
VoIP traffic would normally be tagged as high priority traffic on enterprise or good network hardware because it can't tolerate high latency, but Skype is a P2P protocol, so he might be on an equal bandwidth footing.
(I think I've seen some devices with priority queueing built in, with no menu option to change it.)
Netflix can handle high latency by buffering however.

If he's wired, he'll get a really good connection with even lower latency.
As for the wireless side, signal strength (or more accurately, signal to noise ratio) relates to bandwidth (Data Rate), so the higher the SNR, the greater the Data Rate (and vice versa).
If he's closer to the radios, he'll probably have a very high SNR.
If you measure the wireless signal strength at two different points, each 3dBm less is half the signal strength and 10dBm is 10 times lower (The Rule of 3's and 10's)
A Signal Strength poorer than -70dBm with an SNR or 25dB is the point at which things can start to slide a bit.

There are limits and other factors in play, but them's the basics.

None of that's his fault though, it's just a benefit of close proximity.

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