Tech help fpr the PC
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By richietog
Does anyone know where I can get this specific cable from?

Doesn't matter whether it is isolated (I can easily put tin foil over it) or not
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By richietog
The one on ebay looks far too long, thing is with pooters is that the distance for data has to be exactly the same length with things on everything on the computer if you know what I mean

I think Jimbob would explain this properly, where ever he has gone too

I will try out the RS after my enquiry to another site has been exhausted
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By Wooster
Measure the length and add it to the search terms.

I doubt it'll need to be an exact length since these cables are normally used to connect peripherals and devices, so close enough would do. If it's way too long the biggest problem would likely be getting it to fit. :)
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By richietog
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By richietog
It's actually 0.5mm pitch, unbelievable, but I will see if RS does it
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By richietog
They told me that the part comes from ASUS themselves, and will take 2-4 weeks delivering the cable

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