Tech help for the PC
I use it all the time.
Not just for email, but to manage jobs for myself and my subbies.

i.e. I get a job in for a site in Dundee and I can allocate it to an engineer on my shared calendar, which contains all the details and also the navigation details.
I updated via the Upgrade Assistant, to say I'm fuming is a bit of an understatement. Can't install or uninstall software, can't go to system restore etc... the list is endless
I think I know the problem, it's administrative privileges is not working, after all certain things don't work under "Run as Administrator" do not work, like PowerShell and CMD. I find it strange that I can get to all the functions in Safe Mode. Maybe a DLL file just isn't working or not there (though I believe it is there as all work under Admin priv in safe mode) to wonder what Microsoft think of this problem
Is that all? Apart from safe mode, where it seems that Admin Privileges go out the Window.....(see what I did there), the admin privileges don't seem to work at all on my computer when running normal mode
Indeed. It is true. I'll now just point people in the possible right direction if they are on 7, but 8 and 10 are where I draw the line. My brother has historically been the main subscriber to remote support. He's overdue for a new laptop and I don't know whether he'll drop out of support or go mac OS.
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