Tech help for the PC
By McCloud94
I've been noticing this lag and freezing, especially in Windows Explorer.. opening and navigating windows, opening and working in programs.

My system is technically not bad at all..

AMD Ryzen 7 at 3,8 Ghz (3.0 factory default)
GTX 1060 6GB
Intel NVMe 960 Evo M.2 SSD

Is there any way to identify where the problem could be ?

In Windows Task manager, everything seems to be fine.. it's been going on for last 2-3 weeks..

Could incorrect settings in the MB be causing this ? frequencies, voltages etc.
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By Wooster
It used to be that we'd look at MSCONFIG and the Startup tab, then disable all the non essential stuff that has a habit of starting when the system boots.
Some services look innocuous, but kick in periodically and affect performance.

CCleaner has a utility built in (Tools) that does a similar job.
It may come bundled with some crap (google toolbar for instance), but you can untick those.
MalwareBytes Anti Malware (MBAM) free is also worth running every now and then to clear out some browser based crap.
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By AlexC
Presumably you've read this: ... e23?auth=1

I don't use W10, but there might be something of help here: ... indows-10/

Or here: ... e7702e09fc

There are also sites mentioning possible problems with your Intel NVMe 960 Evo M.2 SSD: ... _5x2u3LugM

This might also prove useful: ... gurations/

Wooster knows more than I do (which may be why he stayed with W7) so try his suggestions.
By McCloud94
thanks for the tips guys.

I actually went through most of the articles.. and I feel like it helped a bit..

Still surprising to me.. as I've built the PC everything was running smooth af.
It only got worse a few weeks back.. the build is just a few months old tho.

And from that SSD I'd be expecting blazing fast speeds.

I'd definitely go with an iMac if I had the budget lol..
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By AlexC
There might be something here that helps: ... ly-easily/

My own suspicion is that Windows 10 itself may be the problem, and you're stuck with it. When it was 'free' I gave it a try - for about 2 hours - and quickly reverted back to Windows 7. Microsoft released it 'free' for us to Beta test, and has since issued a variety of updates which many have found actually make matters worse.

Any problems with the mouse pointer? Might give a clue.

Although there are programs which update drivers you might not want to take that route. I use Driver Booster Free but if you keep having problems you might consider the PRO version: ... ooster-pro

Short of trying a full re-install (and hoping for the best) I can only wish you good luck.
By McCloud94
okey, thanks.

Nope, mouse is okey.. except when the whole thing freezes for a second.. then I can't do anything.

So you're suggesting I might get better performance and stability overall with Windows 7 ?

Is the support (both software and hardware) still good ?
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By Wooster
I would definitely recommend that you avoid those 3rd party automatic update tools, they cause more problems than they solve.
You already have an update utility built in via Windows Update, so why believe some snake oil salesmen about ding a better job....and giving them free access to install any old shite they like on you system.

...I've never liked them.
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By AlexC
It's always possible that Microsoft will improve Windows 10 and although I prefer W7 you would have to know whether your Ryzen 7 is compatible with W7. The only CPU I could upgrade to with W7 is an Intel 6700, so you'd have to check your AMD CPU.

I don't have any problems with software or hardware support with W7, but I would have problems were I to move to W10. Some Companies, like Canon, aren't issuing drivers for W10 on 'older' printers.

Bottom line might be that you're stuck with W10 and might have to find Forums where others are having problems and found solutions.

With W10 having have virtual control of Updates (and too much else for my liking) relying on it to resolve problems may not be the best solution - unless, of course, your faith in Microsoft remains undiminished.

As I said, Wooster knows more about computers than I do, so it's up to you to decide whether to try things like Driver Booster (free) which will only run when you decide. As things stand they might be worth a try, especially if none of the solutions posted have worked.
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By AlexC
This might not help but whenever folk install anything to stop Microsoft 'invading their privacy' Microsoft download an 'Update' overriding it.

It also updates your GPU drivers, regardless of whether they're good or bad - and with you having no control over what's being installed. With W7 I decide what drivers I want, and leave out anything I don't. So, have you tried using DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers and software in Safe Mode, then, having downloaded drivers you want, and install only what you actually want on reboot?

DDU: ... aller.html

CCleaner is also, as Wooster suggests, a very useful tool. Check it out - all of its' functions. With it the only thing that starts when Windows boots is my Anti-Virus software.

CCleaner: ... ndard.html

And always use Custom installation, declining anything else it might suggest.

Microsoft will still download GPU drivers, so you might have to repeat the procedure if problems arise.
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By AlexC
"If you install Win10 on Ryzen system, you will very likely encounter another kind of problem.

If you use Win10 1709 distribution to install or later update to 1709 you can have problems like intermittent freezes of you PC or blue screen with subsequent reboot.

The solution is to install Win10 November 2017 cumulative update and then install latest chipset driver from AMD (currently v.17.30). After the reboot go to the Power Plans and you will see that the AMD installer created new power plan "Optimised for Ryzen" and switched to it.

Don't switch back to standard power plans if you don't want the problems back. If you need to disable system sleep or disk sleep just disable it in the settings of this power plan."

Just one observation from another Ryzen user.

Microsoft have, and will keep issuing, newer versions, and I'm assuming you have the latest. If so, these may help (or discourage) you: ... complaints ... month.html

Ever feel like you're still Beta testing their new 'Service'?

Wooster and I will be sticking with W7, but others on the Forum using W10 might consider posting their experiences.
By McCloud94
thanks so much for all the info Alex.

I've noticed the AMD power plan indeed.
I'm gonna have a look at that..

I am a CCleaner fan as well.
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By AlexC
No problem, McCloud94, but the more I learn about W10 the less I'd want it or consider installing it.

Love the way it can override anything you do with its' Updates.

The W7 Operating System can still come up with 'interesting' problems, but always solvable. Hope you can achieve the same with the W10 Operating 'Service'...

And I have no idea what the AMD Power Plan does, but presumably it serves some purpose.
By McCloud94
exactly as you say... I don't find Win 10 that bad.. just the stupid updates.

Also, nothing from what I've done actually helped.. so I reinstalled the Windows fresh.
Overclocked the CPU and RAM and it seems to run smooothly sofar.

I know you might not be the best one to ask, but perhaps someone using Win10 will stumble upon this.

I've disabled the Windows Update service, but there's still this thing that keeps popping up..

And also creates a 'Windows10Upgrade' folder on the C drive.

I need to kill and prevent any and all updates, since that's what's causing trouble down the line.


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