Tech help for the PC
Since I really can't figure where to put browser section, I thought I would lump it in the PC section, since I don't have a Mac

Anyhoo, this tip specifically makes YouTube go all dark. Darkmode as it is officially called ... d=36521598

It has made viewing specially less eyes straining while watching YouTube videos. It makes the contrast pop out a bit more on HD videos as well. Also makes some videos stretch a little further to the edges of the screen and the gallery after the video has ended fill the screen. All you need is an account and Chrome browser for the PC (Windows) and Mac
For those too lazy (like me) to type with an iPhone, and want to upload pics and video to Instagram, here is a new way that was stupidly obvious to upload via pc (or mac) ... -computer/
Again, you have to have chrome, simply because the others didn't think of it. Also, you can look at any other website using this method
FF 55.0.2 yesterday. Not a drama in that. Today I clicked the down pointer thing in the address field to see selected last sites and Mozilla have put something extra at the bottom. It doesn't seem to add any value or contextual function, so change for the sake of change, because they can. That is the kind of change that riles me. I'm a grumpy old git using classic theme with the address above the tabs. When they change it too much from what I want, I'll just use Safari.

Seems I wasn't the only annoyed person :D
Fixed -
Firefox is still a bit of a clusterfuck for me.

It's got some serious lag problems (accessing a site can take up to 10* seconds) and on closing it results in a couple of 'not responding' warnings that have to be closed down as well.

Vivaldi, on the other hand, just rattles the sites up in short order.

*10 seconds is forever these days.
Firefox 56 changed the way Options (Windows) or Preferences (mac OS) are displayed. There are only four sections. If you want the old layout back, do the about:config thing and change browser.preferences.useOldOrganization frm false to true. Sorry about the zed there but it ia a Yank product after all, so they get to choose.

I see that FF 57 is due 14th November and will change stuff, like add-ons not working and the visuals (tab shape, etc.). On the plus side they claim it it very fast and memory efficient. For me, as a confirmed FF user using Classic Theme Restorer, if I don't like it straight away, it will have to go. Safari already gets used by me for rare stuff where FF falls down.
Classic Theme won't work. ... erestorer/
Looks like I have the choice of sticking with 56.x and slowly go out of date/security or just go to Safari and get used to it. It is already my backup browser when FF just won't show things. Maybe I have too many blocker/privacy things but they don't mess up Safari, which also gets good performance reviews these days.

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